Featured Artists

Lee Jung Woong

Born in Korea in 1963, Lee Jung Woong is the masterful creator of the internationally acclaimed 'Brush' series of paintings. Bold, profound and breathtakingly dramatic - Lee Jung Woong’s intricate works command lucidity in spite of the abstract, and empower the objects of his depiction with hyper-realistic life. Having attained his Masters in Fine Arts from Keimyung University, Korea, Lee’s wo
Fernando Botero

Born in 1932 in Medellin, Colombia, Fernando Botero is an artistic living legend of our times. A prolific artist and creator of the signature style ‘Boterismo’, the artist’s rounded musings have made him a global figure in the contemporary art world, and the artistic ambassador of Colombian pursuit. Rounded from convention, distinctive in spite of the commonplace, and tied to
Qin Feng

Qin Feng is an iconic modernist ink painter whose work transcends generations to bind Chinese traditions of ink painting and Western Abstract art. Grounded in traditional Chinese brushwork, his expressive compositions serve as bold and dramatic meditations on time and motion. Born in 1961 in Xinjiang, China, Qin graduated from Shangdong Art Institute in China and has won s
Hong Zhu An

Chinese-born Hong Zhu An (b. 1955) is one of the finest artists in Singapore today. Trained under famous art scholar Wang Zidou at the Shanghai Art and Craft Institute, the artist is proficient in both Chinese and Western Art. Painting in acrylic and ink, his works exude a serenity and energy that calms the mind and offers insightful abstract interpretation alongside enchanting visuals. Constantly
Lim Tze Peng

Born in Singapore in 1921, Lim Tze Peng is one of Singapore’s most significant artists and a living legend. Renowned for his Chinese ink creations of post-independence Singapore, he also practices Chinese calligraphy. Alongside local and international exhibitions, his masterpieces are exhibited in prominent Singapore institutions and part of many prestigious collections. Lim has been bestowed se
Ren Zhen Yu

Born in Tianjin in 1976, Ren Zhenyu graduated in 1999 from the Oil Painting Department at Tianjin Academy of Fine Art, where he currently works as a lecturer. His talent was recognized and appreciated by renowned galleries and distinguished collectors throughout China, and he achieved fame in Europe through his distinct portrait series of historical and political icons, such as Andy
Gao Xiao Wu

Gao Xiao Wu was born in Sanming, Fujian province, in 1976 and currently lives and works in Beijing. He enrolled in the sculpture department of Xiamen Art Academy before continuing his studies at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing and graduating in 2004. Basing his work on the lives of ordinary people in the city, as well as an exploration of his own identity, Gao Xi

Born in 1977, French artist Auguste hails from the famed Bordeaux region of France. Though he studied disciplines other than fine arts, Auguste always felt compelled and drawn to the art world. Ultimately he followed his passion for the visual arts, finding his unique artistic vision and voice and is now known for his colorful contemporary Pop Art-inspired and nostalgia-evoking works.Auguste terms
Adi Gunawan

Adi was born in Yogyakarta in 1974, Indonesia and received his education at Institut Seni Indonesia, Yogyakarta. In his symbolic sculptures, Adi invokes euphoria and the significance of animals in his work due to his cultural background of growing up in an agrarian society. He uses his cultural positioning as a tool to visualize motions, gestures, characters and expressions of
Hong Viet Dung

Hailing from Hanoi, Vietnam, Hong Viet Dung was born in 1962 and apprenticed at the Pham Viet Son Painting Studio in 1979 before joining the Hanoi Industrial College of Fine Arts in 1984. Hong graduated with a degree in painting and later went on to becoming one of the founding members of the Gang of Five, a member of the Vietnam Plastic Art Association and the Literature and Art As
Eva Armisen

Eva Armisen is a Spanish artist who is well-known for her child-like style, which never fails to charm the viewers of her works. The subjects of her works often touch on family, love and togetherness, with the depiction of simple moments in everyday life. The characters in Eva Armisen’s artworks go through their everyday lives with sweet smiles on their faces, reminding us of the joy in treasuri
David Kracov

Known as the youngest artist ever to showcase in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, David Kracov built his portfolio since the age of 12 and received his degree from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. Creator of the world-famous sculpture commissioned by the Holocaust Museum of St Petersburg, David now adds at least one butterfly to every piece that he creates, as a trademark and tribute

Thai artist Saenkom Chansrinual is well accomplished with numerous awards and exhibitions held under his belt. An aspiring artist with unusual painting techniques coming forth to create a new aesthetic visual, Chansrinual’s repertoire of works sought to find new means of expression through the subject matter that fervently inspires him. Chansrinual takes pride in his outstanding achievements, mo
Frank Hyder

Frank Hyder is a Northern Liberties painter and woodcut artist, with a Masters in Fine Art. He is based in Miami, but has traveled widely in South America and Mexico - claiming the Southern exposure suits him. However, there was a single life-changing experience that made all the difference for this venturesome artist. Hyder spent one year living and painting in the Venezu

Featured Works

Dancers II
Fernando Botero

With his distinct style depicting rotund figures, Botero presents a pair of dancers moving with restraint...
愤怒的天使4 ( Angry Angels 4 )
Qin Feng

In Angry Angel 4, artist Qin Feng uses a single brushstroke to illuminate the surface of his canvas....
Lee Jung Woong

Escalating the figurative into photo-realistic representation, Lee Jung Woong astounds with his ability...
Living with art
Liu Ruo Wang

Liu Ruo Wang’s sculptures turn a childhood of myth and folklore into a representation of the Chinese...
Fish I
Hong Zhu An

Hong Zhu An incorporates the very traditional Chinese art form of calligraphy into his paintings by setting...
L4- Mother Theresa
Ren Zhen Yu

This painting by Ren Zhen Yu depicts Mother Teresa, a remarkable nun and missionary who dedicated her...
Cavallo (Horse)
Fernando Botero

The Dancers
Fernando Botero

The self titled ‘Most Colombian of all Colombian Artists’, Fernando Botero is an artist who revels...
Ladder of Success
Adi Gunawan

Indonesian contemporary artist Adi Gunawan creates unique works of art that capture the attention of...

Themed Collections

Another Place by Hong Viet Dung
As one of the founding members of the Gang of Five, Hanoi-based artist Hong VietDung is no stranger to international fame. His landscape works are often woolly, using gradients to outline his subject matters and often, his works are described as peaceful and tranquil.  His works convey a meditative spirit, no doubt inspired by his devotion to the Buddhist faith. As a renowned painter, Hong has exhibited internationally including Russia, Germany, Singapore, Norway, and Japan. He participated in the Europ’Art International Art Fair in Geneva, Switzerland and also held a retrospective of his works in the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum and Singapore Art Museum. Apart from that, some of his works have been auctioned in international auction houses like Christies.
A World of Knitting - Wang Lei
Chinese contemporary artist, Wang Lei has been converting materials into objects with the bold use of his knitting techniques. The artist does not use wool, thread or yarn to produce his artworks. Rather, he uses paper from materials significant to him, such as the Bible, Tao Te Ching, dictionaries, newspapers and even toilet paper. The Henan-born artist incorporates these texts into his handmade clothes by careful and meticulous knitting. His dedication is shown as he slices each paper into narrow strips, dampens them and finally roll and twist them into yarn from which he then starts knitting with exquisite control. Wang Lei's thoughts on life and issues are imprinted figuratively onto the clothes he produces, even as he leaves the interpretation up to viewers.
Mountain Foreward - Wang Tiande
Born in 1960 in China, Wang Tiande is one of the most significant and innovative calligraphers of present times, internationally renowned for his revolutionary takes on traditional Chinese art. A graduate of the Chinese Painting Department at the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts in 1988, the artist is now dean and professor at the Art and Design Department of the prestigious Fudan University in Shanghai. Characteristically using incense sticks to burn symbols which resemble Chinese characters onto rice paper, Wang Tiande’s work has been collected by the British Museum, London, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Boston Museum of Fine Art, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Shanghai Museum of Art, Guangdong Art Museum, Shenzhen Art Museum and JP Morgan Bank.
Rainer Lagemann at Capri by Fraser, Changi City, Singapore
Employing metallic squares to represent the core intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions of human beings, Rainer Lagemann creates figures that represent the tribulations and ecstasy of human life while celebrating the grace of form. Creating powerful imagery of both tangible form and transient shadows, the artist manipulates lighting and space, pushing singular definitions of physical dimensions by adding variables of expression, while simultaneously instilling meaning into each aspect.

Rainer Lagemann's works were commissioned through Ode to Art by hospitality client Capri by Fraser to adorn the walls of its luxurious new location at Changi City, Singapore. 

Now On Show

The Spirit of Ink
Lim Tze Peng
3rd August - 15th September 2019
Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Mumbai, India
Victory March, a solo exhibition by Vani Hidayatur Rahman
Vani Hidayatur Rahman
20 June - 2 July 2019
Antidote @ Fairmont Hotel
The Art of Power - Sit-Down Dinner with Rolls Royce
Hong Zhu An
23rd February 2019
Ode To Art Raffles City
Capturing the Spirit by Ronnie Ford
Ronnie Ford
7th November - 21st November 2018
Ode To Art Raffles City
Book Launch of Portrait of the Heart by Lim Tze Peng
Lim Tze Peng
6th September 2018
National Museum
Tatler Table: The Art Series
Hong Zhu An
3rd August
Ode To Art Raffles City
Portrait of the Heart
Lim Tze Peng
26th July 2018 till 12th August 2018
Ode To Art Raffles City
Eva Armisen Painting Session at Raffles City
Eva Armisen
9th December - 10th December 2017
Raffles City Shopping Centre
One Man, One World(一个人 。 一个世界)
Ren Zhen Yu
3rd - 10th November, 2017
Ode To Art Raffles City
Fly to Love by Coplu
24th May - 7th June 2017
Ode To Art Raffles City


Lim Tze Peng
The Spirit of Ink

Ode to Art in collaboration with Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum , IDF Singapore, and the Consulate-General of the Republic of Singapore presents ‘The Spirit of Ink’ by Singapore’s pioneer artist Lim Tze Peng - his solo exhibition in Mumbai, India.
Vani Hidayatur Rahman
Victory March

Award-winning Indonesian artist Vani Hidayatur Rahman unveiled an exciting line-up of 15 brand-new works in his first-ever solo exhibition in Singapore that opens on 20 June 2019 at Ode To Art Gallery. Based in Yogjakarta, the 38-year-old Indonesian contemporary artist is renowned for his vivid, distinctive and realistic style. He has received a number of art awards including the Best Painting accolade at the 2012 Jakarta Art Awards, recipient of the 2013 UOB Painting of the Year Silver Award and was a finalist at the 2008 Jakarta Art Awards. Vani’s acrylic paintings are decidedly modern, using urban imagery to reflect his life growing up in a rapidly developing Indonesia. He is especially gifted with textures, using brilliant colours and deft strokes to elevate flat paint into arresting, layered visuals.
Ren Zhen Yu
One Man One World

Critically acclaimed Chinese artist, Ren Zhen Yu has been increasingly recognised for his distinctive portrait series of historical and political icons. Painting figures such as Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Albert Einstein, Lee Kuan Yew and Mao Zedong, Ren has managed to transform the way we usually view these icons. In his works are a spectrum of colours that are juxtaposed to create a unique expressionist interpretation of famous faces and textures built on layering to reinforce the portrayal of faces from dierent perspectives. Ode to Art is proud to present you the solo exhibition of Ren Zhen Yu, 一个人 。 一个世界。(One Man, One World.
Ronnie Ford
Capturing the Spirit by Ronnie Ford

Capturing the Spirit is Ronnie Ford's third solo exhibition at Ode To Art, Singapore. We are honoured and privileged to be able to showcase Ronnie's sublime landscape works among his collectors and friends. This new collection of works reflects his travels and experiences, dreams and meanderings over the past months - the familiar landscapes of France, more recent inspiration from the drama of Switzerland, all celebrating the joyful colours of nature, her mesmerising meadows, her majestic mountains, her bountiful blossoms, her tracery of trees.
Hong Zhu An
Unabating Spring by Hong Zhu An

Ronnie Ford
Rhythms of Nature by Ronnie Ford

Ford's unique texturescapes evolved from his studies of sculpture and optical arts. An artist of versatility and great originality, he has spent time in the Far East, during which he acquired an artistic acumen that challenges western perspectives and became inspired to explore the Chinese idea of taking a journey through the landscapes. The landscapes are all about preserving the integrity of the place while expressing feelings that were awakened when he was there. It began with Ford studying the landscapes, and in time, detaching himself from it to filter out the unnecessary details. Using his memory, he captures the spirit of what he has seen on his canvasses, creating powerful impressions, rather than representations, of the place. Ode To Art is delighted to present his second solo exhibition in Singapore, Rhythms of Nature.
Chin Chun Wah
Moments by Chin Chun Wah

As a prolific artist in the pen and wash technique, Singaporean artist Chin Chun Wah Harry’s comeback is seen as a natural and inevitable transition after a 43-years hiatus. Most of his earlier works are of old Singapore street scenes, especially those in Chinatown, the Singapore River and its surrounding areas—all favorite spots for outdoor sketching and painting by Singapore artists, even today. Chin’s skillful sketching techniques and perfect perspectives can be seen in the way he depict scenes with light, deft strokes rendered within minutes. Ode to Art is delighted to present Chin Chun Wah Harry’s Moments, a tribute to Singapore’s history of urbanization and modernization.
Liu ZhengYong
New Forms of Movement by Liu Zhengyong

A young acclaimed Chinese artist with a strong focus on expressionism painting, Liu Zhen Yong will exhibit his latest works at the much anticipated Art Stage 2016 Singapore on behalf of Ode to Art Gallery. His artworks have its roots in traditional Chinese painting. Through his artworks, viewers can discern the essence of Chinese painting, namely yi qi —a standard of good paintings in ancient China— and shen si —images of people and mountains that are in a state similar and dissimilar to the original forms. Liu had Exhibited in international shows in France, Italy, USA and Germany.
Wu Qiong
Here and Now (在这里)

Internationally acclaimed sculptor and painter Wu Qiong is back in town to present his exhibition, Here and Now. This exhibition is his open invitation into a state of consciousness replete with luscious dreamscapes, whimsical characters and compositions. His newer masterpieces are more subtle, allowing more open-ended interpretations and portraying more powerful emotions and feelings. These visceral feelings are communicated through postures, facial expressions and depiction of characters. This allows for more emphasis on individual characters and development of their emotions. Wu’s distinctive cartoon style is obvious, and it resonates with the aesthetic of a generation absorbed with graphic novels, comics, digital worlds, animation and gaming. The characters have their eyes closed and mouths agape. Their upturned faces and shut eyes suggest that havoc is unfolding in their dreams. Wu hopes to tap upon this notion through the recurring use of this facial expression, allowing viewers to draw their own associations with the different scenarios presented in his works. “Here and Now represents an entry point into a state of mind or being, with no single definition or explanation as to where ‘here’ is. I want to engage in a dialogue with viewers, introducing scenarios that would provoke thought or trigger memories and experiences. I want to highlight the wealth of emotions contained within my characters. They are a manifestation of common emotions and considerations of society; hopefully these feelings will resonate with viewers even if the situations and contexts, which I present them in, do not,” says Wu.
Lim Tze Peng
Impressions by Lim Tze Peng


Art For Homes: David Bromley
David Bromley
Australian artist David Bromley is named among Australian Art Collector’s 50 Most Collectable Artists. His whimsical paintings draw inspiration from vintage magazines to present the excitement and adventure of childhood. Vivacious colours and figurative expressionism are used to inject the works with energy and depict the intensity as well as joy of adolescent life. Explore how David Bromley's works can brighten up any living space!
Ode To Art Charity Auction for Covid-19 Relief
E Langreiter, Wu Qiong, Patrick Rubinstein
During this time of global crisis, Ode To Art seeks to aid efforts by donating five artworks. All proceeds from the auction will go towards supporting low-income families in Singapore impacted by Covid-19. (Through Singapore-registered charity MWS When public morale is low and anxiety rife, art offers a welcome remedy to soothe the soul and calm the mind. We hope that these works bring you joy during this period, and thank you for your support in alleviating the hardships of these families. To support the cause and bid for the works available, visit
Rolls Royce x Ode To Art - The Art of Power Highlights

Rolls Royce x Ode To Art The Art of Power- Sit-down Dinner In Collaboration with The Rolls Royce Art Programme 23rd February
Lim Tze Peng: The Spirit of Ink - Solo exhibition in Mumbai, India

Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum in collaboration with IDF Singapore, Ode To Art, and the Consulate-General of the Republic of Singapore presents ‘The Spirit of Ink’ by Singapore’s pioneer artist Lim Tze Peng (3rd Aug - 15th Sept 2019). At 99 years old, Lim Tze Peng is Singapore’s oldest living artist and one of the most respected Chinese calligraphy artists. Despite his age, creating art is ever on Lim’s mind, and he has been passionately producing a series of calligraphy works. ‘The Spirit of Ink’ is the artist Lim Tze Peng’s first ever solo exhibition in India. The highlight of the exhibition will be Lim’s 5 new pieces of abstract art calligraphy that he painted over the course of 2018-2019. These large-scale paintings will be displayed in public for the very first time. From an expansive collection of his works, another 20 specially curated pieces have also been selected to depict Lim’s journey from his roots in traditional Chinese calligraphy to his current more abstract and contemporary works.
Patrick Hughes' Perplexing Perspectives
Patrick Hughes
Patrick Hughes creates paintings that come alive through the motion created by optical illusions and makes viewers interact with his works in an active way. Each plane of his pictures shrinks or expands to accommodate the movement of the onlooker, in perfect harmony, like a good dance partner. Discover more about his technique and his philosophy in this short clip!
In the studio with Hong Zhu An
Hong Zhu An
Take a tour through Hong Zhu An's studio and watch him paint
Art Introduction - Tjokorda Bagus Wiratmaja
Tjokorda Bagus Wiratmaja
Discover the striking art of Tjokorda Bagus Wiratmaja!
Wu Qiong x Playdoh
Wu Qiong
What's In My Portfolio: Lim Tze Peng
Lim Tze Peng
"Art is a never-ending journey. Even at the age of 99, I continue making art, thinking of making new breakthroughs every day. I will continue to paint and write calligraphy whenever I can." Lim Tze Peng
Zhang Jianlong: Animals Are Fierce
Zhang Jian Long
Discover the nuanced works of Chinese artist Zhang Jianlong that explore the human spirit and the realities of modern living, as well as his artistic process.