Naidee Changmoh

Big Boy With All His Dogs

The last forest of Great Hornbill

R1- Fun!

R1- Fun


The Boy with Mangoes

The Boy with Mangoes

About The Artist

Naidee Changmoh was born in Phrae province, Thailand in 1969. He proceeded to study painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Chiangmai University, graduating in 1993. From there he began to learn techniques to make terracotta pottery at Maungkung Village, Amphur Hangdong in Chiengmai. In 1998, Naidee had his first solo exhibition "Terracotta Sculptures by Naidee Changmoh" at the Gaesorn Plaza in Bangkok. In 2006, he participated in the Clay Alchemy Exchange Artists Program between Thai artists and Australia artists in Melbourne, Australia. In 2009, his work was shown in The Ceramic Road of Southeast Asia at Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum, in Taiwan. Naidee has created nine huts which function as an art living space - the Naidee Sculpture Huts for Pattravadi Theatre in Huahin - from the year 2008 until now. His solo exhibition in 2011 titled "Here and Now" (What Am I Doing?) was held at O.P. Garden in Bangkok. Shortly after, Naidee undertook a Thai artist residency project and exhibition, "How Do I Get Here?" at Dawang culture highland in Shenzhen, China. Earlier this year, he undertook a residency program at the Second South East Asia Conference at the Fule International Ceramic Museum in Fuping, Xian, China. He also recently gave a workshop at Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle in Singapore.

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Artist Statement 
"I love to make figures with big cartoon-like heads. That makes my work cute, warm and peaceful. All my creation has a story of positive thinking behind it." 



1994 - Learn technique to make terracotta at pottery village, Maungkung Village Amphur Hangdong Chiengmai
1998 - First solo exhibition "Terracotta sculptures by Naidee Changmoh" Gaesorn Plaza, Bangkok
2006 - Made two sculpture pieces for Wat Thai Dhummaprateep, Paris,France 
2006 - "Clay Alchemy" Exchange Artists Programe between Thai artists and Australia artists, Melbourne, Australia 
2008 - Solo exhibition "On the Way Pasted and the Way to Go" Tadu Gallery, Bangkok 
2008 - Made sculpture 2 pieces for Wat Thai Dhummaprateep, Paris, France 
2008 - Present  "Naidee Sculpture Huts" For Pattravadi Theatre Hua Hin, nine cement sculpture freeform huts, art living space
2009 - Exhibition "The Ceramic Road of Southeast Asia" Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taiwan
2011 - Solo exhibition "Here and Now" (What I am doing?) O.P.Garden, Bangkok
2011 - Thai artist residency project and Exhibition "How Do I Get Here?" Dawang culture highland, Shenzhen China
2012 - Residentcy program "2nd south east Asia Conference Fule international ceramic museum" Fuping, Xian, China
2012 - Workshop at Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle, Singapore
2012 - Ceramic artist residency at "Fule International Ceramic Museum" for two months
2012 - Affordable Art Fair Singapore
2013 - Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong

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