Thai artist Saenkom Chansrinual is well accomplished with numerous awards and exhibitions held under his belt. An aspiring artist with unusual painting techniques coming forth to create a new aesthetic visual, Chansrinual’s repertoire of works sought to find new means of expression through the subject matter that fervently inspires him. Chansrinual takes pride in his outstanding achievements, most notably with his ASEAN art award in 2000.
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Art introduction - Chansrinual, Soulmates




Decorations Magazine Media Publication of Chansirnual , 2021



Thai artist Chansrinual laid the groundwork for a new technique that he formally established. The artist starts by melting and squeezing solid acrylic before overlaying and implanting them into the canvas, allowing the paint to construct itself with a three-dimensional effect, augmenting the sense of depth. The experimental technique is furthered as the artist uses metallic colours to refine his work, instilling a modern tone. These techniques engender a new appealing texture for his subject - his newfound inspiration for mountains. Chansrinual captures the majestical form and essence of the mountains, allowing the viewers to awe in gaze at the ethereal beauty it brings. The magnificence of the mountain scenery transport viewers to experience a placid sense of harmony.

Mountains are adored by Chansrinual for their nobility and quality of scenic beauty. He was inspired by mountain visits and sceneries from the peak, exuding a peaceful emotion amongst vast complexities present in the world. His latest ‘Grand Mountain’ series pays tribute to this remarkable natural phenomenon and the greatness that mother nature has to offer for people. Chansrinual believes in true nature leading us to our pure emotions, a sanctuary where we seek resolution and comfort. His passion for nature will continue to relieve spirituality beliefs, as he progresses on the canvas with the spirit and creativeness of a true artist.  

Announcement of Frame - ASEAN Art Award, Phillip Morris 2000

3rd prize - Toshiba Art Award

The Thai Farmer Bank Award



Selected Exhibitions 

AHAF 2013
Hong Kong ART 2013
Taipei Solo Exhibition “Grand Mountain”, Heesu Gallery
Seoul KIAF 2013, Seoul, Korea 
Art Tai Chung 2013, Taiwan 
The 12nd Contemporary Art Exhibition by Young Artists, Bangkok 

AHAF 2012
Hong Kong ART 2012
Taipei Joint Exhibition “Grand Mountain”, Heesu Gallery
Seoul Art International Zurich 2012, Zurich, Switzerland*
Art Expo Malaysia 2012, Kuala Lumpur* 

ASIA Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair (AHAFHK) 2011
Hong Kong Art Revolution 
Taipei (ART) Taiwan 
Art Melbourne 2011, Australia 
14th Beijing Art Exposition, China 
AHAF 2011, Seoul

Art Singapore 2010
Singapore Art Expo Malaysia, Malaysia 

"Grand Mountain", Joint Exhibition at The Dusit Thani Hotel, Bangkok 

72nd Anniversary Queen Sirikit Exhibitions, Thailand 

"Life & Nature" at The Grand Hotel, Bangkok 

Contemporary Art Exhibition In Commemoration of 55th Anniversary of the Faculty Painting Sculpture and Arts, Silpakorn University at the National Gallery, Bangkok,

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