Cui Xiuwen

Existential Emptiness No.2

Existential Emptiness No.16

Existential Emptiness No.5

About The Artist

Born in Harbin, China, 1990, photographer and contemporary artist Cui Xiuwen graduated from Northeast Normal University Department of Fine Arts in 1996 and from the Oil Painting Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China. Starting off with oil paintings, Cui mainly engages in subsequent creation of images and pictures

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Cui made a lasting impression on the contemporary art world in China when her installation, "Lady's Room" resulted in the first lawsuit in the history of Chinese contemporary art. Her bold and confrontational videos and photographs explore the taboo subjects of sexuality, feminism and gender roles in China. Her avant-garde work is drawn from her interpretations and perspicacious observations of the spaces and roles, which exist in society.

The Angel series put together adult language with teenage identities in order to portray a young girls' experience growing up, which Cui Xiuwen feels, endures just as much pressure as a woman's progress and one has to undergo just as much in order to develop and be moulded into specific roles.

Cui is one of the leading artists of contemporary art in China. Her works have been collected by major museums such as Tate Modern and Brooklyn Museum, as well as several international and local galleries. She has been featured in both solo and group exhibitions internationally.



"Cui Xiuwen, Miao Xiaochun Double Solo Exhibition,"Levin Art Gallery (New York), New York, USA 

Kiang Gallery, Atlanta, USA 
Tanks Library Museum, Chongqing, China

Punctum Gallery, Hong Kong, China  
Levin Art Gallery, New York, USA 

Hammer Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland  
Annual Exhibition Cui Xiuwen, Dix9 Gallery, Paris, France 
"God's Domain - Cui Xiuwen Solo Exhibition", Today Art Museum, Beijing, China  
Keng Gallery, Taipei

"Angel: Cui Xiuwen Solo Exhibition", Marella Gallery, Milan, Italy

A Quarter Of An Hour - Cui Xiuwen Solo Exhibition", Florence Museum, Florence, Italy

Annual Exhibition Cui Xiuwen, DF2 Gallery, LosAngeles  
Cui Xiuwen Solo Exhibition, Marella Gallery, 798 Art District, Beijing, China

"Cui Xiuwen · Kan Xuan," Video Works Solo Exhibition, Bordeaux Museum, Bordeaux, France


Cui Xiuwen on Existential Emptiness
Cui Xiuwen
Cui Xiuwen, one of China's foremost female photographers, talks about her inspirations and the processes involved in the creation of her breathtaking series 'Existential Emptiness',during her exhibition at the Ode to Art gallery, Singapore. Cui Xiuwen's vast expanses of white and haunting images come together to form poignant and thought provoking pieces that not only stir the viewers emotions, but their abstract interpretations as well. By depriving the viewer of temporal and sensory sensations, the artist expands the limits of the mind and provokes powerful thought. Hear the artist's thoughts on her series as she runs through the experience and elation of creating and completing the works of 'Existential Emptiness'.


Cui Xiuwen
Existential Emptiness

Cui Xiuwen is one of the most influential independent femaleartists in China today. Her artistic vision combines precision andincisive thought, allowing her to penetrate and explore the deepcontradictions within human nature.

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