Iskandar Syaifudin


About The Artist

Born in Indonesia, Iskander Syaifudin uses acrylic to create striking portraits that carry heavy social connotation and powerful messages to the self. Emotionally charged and layered with conceptual intricacies, the artist creates complex compositions of stroke and colour to communicate a style akin to a stream of consciousness. Infusing a distinct method to his madness, the spontaneity of his stroke is balanced by his inclusion and attention to detail, with much of his conceptual stories hidden within the layering of his back and foreground. Titled introspectively and inciting deeper thought through both image and its connotations, the works of Iskander Syaifudin are entirely immersive in both aesthetic and conceptual forms.



Group Exhibitions

2014      Exhibition group komunitas malioboro at Jogja Gallery in Yogyakarta.
              Workshop cukil grafis kelompok DIY “barisan pengingat” at TBY
              Exhibition group “Sang Pahlawan” at Jogja Gallery in Yogyakarta
2013      Exhibition group di Asdrafi Artspace in Yogyakarta.  
              Exhibition group 50x50 alumni SMSR Yogyakarta di Galleri SMSR in Yogyakarta.  
              Painting together at makam seniman imogiri,dalam rangka haul ke88 Sapto Hoedoyo.  
              Exhibition group haul 88 Sapto Hudoyo at Jogja Gallery in Yogyakarta.
2012      Exhibition group “Ana Rupa” Grand opening Iris Gallery in Yogyakarta.  
              Exhibition group artspirasi buruh migrant “melintasi batas” at galeri cipta 2 TIM Jakarta.
              Exhibition group DIY “Dream Is on Your Hand” at Tembi Rumah Budaya in Yogyakarta.
              Exhibition group “Panggung Rakyat” at Kampus UIN in Yogyakarta.

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