Jeremy Ramsey


About The Artist

Born on 11 August 1932 in England, Jeremy Ramsey specializes in vivid imagery and abstract figurations. Ramsey studied fine arts at Reading University, Hammersmith School of Arts & Crafts (1949 – 1952), and drawing under Professor Bryan Kneale (formerly Professor of Sculpture and Drawing with the Royal College of Art, London), and has also travelled widely to embark on art projects. Being a citizen of Singapore and having lived here since 1956, Ramsey was elected twice as Honorary President of the Modern Art Society of Singapore and a board member of the Singapore Tyler Print Institute at its inception. He has exhibited in Asia, Australia, the USA and Britain. 

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Often known as a ‘colourist’, Ramsey creates works that pay tribute to his love for colour with wild tints and fantastical and imaginative depictions. The distinctive abstractness and conspicuous hues are a deliberate effort on the artist’s part to create something unusual and refreshing, while also being an expression of his mental processes and artistic inclinations. Covering a wide range of subjects, Ramsey has depicted landscapes, animals, human forms and abstracts in his imagery, playing with stylization that is resplendent with Fauvism and Expressionist tendencies. Another recurring nuance is the subtle surrealism present, often accentuated by lurid colours and occasionally, improbable situations.  

Ramsey’s abstract style has also gathered much intrigue and appreciation over the years, and the artist has expressed much interest in hearing the interpretations of his viewers, as they add depth to the reach of his creations. The presence of the abstract, along with the other elements, consolidates the artist's views on intending to depict art that is essentially modern and not a repertoire of the past. This is seen in the artist’s own evolution as well, with steady and impressive progress in his explorations through time. 

“I have a natural hunger for brightness. Being afraid of color is common in many artists. I have often had other artists say to me that they would like to use color with as much abandon as I do, but they just can’t seem to summon up the courage. I can’t paint without it… the use of color is what makes painting exciting to me.” A self-confessed ardent devotee of the power of hue, Jeremy Ramsey continues to steep his distinctive forms in his even more distinctive colors, exploring imagery and imagination with painterly strokes of vibrancy, life and luminescence. With aesthetics and wonder to pique every imagination, Jeremy Ramsey has succeeded in creating a supernatural, surreal dreamscape that not only imprints visually, but also resonates with the subconscious, finding familiarity in inner recesses of our minds and dreamscapes.



Khorma: Hues of the Subconscious Mind, tcc "The Gallery" 51 Circular Road Singapore (6th July to 30th September)

Exhibition Redfern Gallery ‘ Recent Paintings’ (27th November to 17th December)

"Painting It Like It Feels" Solo Exhibition, The Redfern Gallery, Cork Street, London  (9th September to 18th October)

"Uncut Edges" Solo Exhibition, Wetterling Teo Gallery, Singapore (15th November to 15th December) 

"Recent Works" Exhibition with Patrick Procktor at the Redfern Gallery, Cork Street, London  (16th October to 16th November) 

"Trees Talking" Solo Exhibition, Caldwell House, Chijmes, Singapore (18th November to 8th December) 

Wetterling Teo Gallery, Singapore (11th April to 11th May) 

"Colours East" Solo Exhibition, The Gallery, 28 Cork Street, London (9th to 28th September)

"Colours" Solo Exhibition, Empress Place Museum Art Gallery, Singapore (21st to 30th October)

Selected Exhibitions

Remade, Relived: Modern Art in Singapore, Nafa Gallery, Singapore
Singapore, Exploring The Boundary. Large Paintings By 12 Artists From Singapore and Malaysia, 140 Hill Street MICA Building, Singapore. 
Malaysia SGM Culture Centre, Kuala Lumpur
23rd Asian International Art Exhibition, Asia in Harmony, The University City Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art 

Exhibition Singapore Art Museum ‘Big Pictures’ (14th September 2007 to 23rd March 2008)
Liquid Passion –Modern Art Society Annual Show , The ARTrium Mica Building, Singapore 
Awarded Residency and Participated in The Cill Rialaig Project Ballinskelligs Co. Kerry Eire
Heart to Heart Asian International Art Show Yuge Art Gallery, Guangzhou China 

22nd Asian International Art Exhibition, Imagining Asia, Selasar Sunaryo Art Space,Bandung, Indonesia 
Publication of Book “The Art of Jeremy Ramsey by John Russell Taylor – Art Critic of the Times of London with 355 coloured illustrations of Ramsey’s work 
21st Asian International Art Exhibition, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
The Contemporary Asian Art Exhibition, Suntec City, Singapore 

The Art of Collaboration, Masterpieces of Modern Tapestry, Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Singapore
The Contemporary Asian Art Exhibition, Suntec City, Singapore

Mapping Asia - 18th Asian International Art Exhibition,Hong Kong Museum, Hong Kong 
Mapping Asia - Exhibition of the works by Artists from 18th Asian International Art Exhibition at The Art Gallery at National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 

Negotiating Boundaries - Modern Art Society of Singapore Annual Exhibition, Singapore

Nokia Singapore Art 2001 Exhibition, Singapore
Art Palm Beach International Modern & Contemporary Art Fair, USA
Asian Art 2000 Exhibition – ‘Vision of Change’ at Salford Museum & Art Gallery, Manchester, UK 
Naked Perfection Exhibition at Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
Arts Singapore 2002, Suntec City, Singapore

Asian Contemporary Art Exhibition, University of Brighton Art Gallery, U.K.
Singapore Watercolour Society Annual Exhibition, Singapore

“Different Eyes, Different Views”, Modern Art Society of Singapore Annual Exhibition at Artfolio Gallery, Raffles Hotel, Singapore 
15th Asian International Art Exhibition in Tainan, Taiwan 
Art Power 2000 Exhibition in Singapore 

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