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CSS 136 One Horse (II) July 18 Jazz

One Horse

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About The Artist

Born in 1960 in Kwangiu, Korea, Park Sung-Tae graduated witha Masters of Fine Arts from the Graduate School of Seoul National University with a major in Oriental Painting in 1993. Since then, he has gone on to win many prestigious awards, exhibited extensively in Korea in places such as the Ilmin Museum of Art and also exhibits internationally. These days, gallery exhibitions are installations of works created in artist's studios. In the case of Park Sung-Tae, however, one could say that the process has taken on more importance than the work itself. Of course, the installation implies this process, which is why the concept of "process art" has appeared in performance art, land art, and conceptual art.

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Park innovates again, however, by boldly challenging not only exhibition methodology, but the installation object itself. His installation begins with the problem of respect for life in a world where it will soon be possible for scientific technology to clone a human being. In Park's work, shapes of people and animals made from aluminium mesh are both real and suggestive of the virtual, of the cloned being. Through their projected shadows, they reveal an existence in space that is real and unreal. The artist's work, however, doesn't project this precarious and tragic view by looking at the future as a dystopia triggered by modern science. Park Sung-Tae instead tries to "draw space" with light, in spite of his difficult subject, which serves as proof of his hope for a future bathed not in darkness but in brightness.   


Excellence Prize, MBC Grand Art Exhibition, Organized by MBC Broadcasting Corporation (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea) 

Excellence Prize, MBC Grand Art Exhibition, Organized by MBC Broadcasting Corporation (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea) 

The 12th Joong-Ang Art Exhibition, Organized by Joog-Ang Daily News (Hoam Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea) 

The 11th Joong-Ang Art Exhibition, Organized by Joog-Ang Daily News (Hoam Art Gallery,Seoul) 



2006 ifa Gallery, Shanghai
2005 Seoul Auction Space, Seoul
The Taipa House – Museum, Macao 
2003 Artforum Newgate, Seoul 
2002 Gong Gallery, Seoul 
2001 PYO Gallery, Seoul 
1998 Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul 
1996 Moin Art Gallery, Seoul 
1993 To Art Space, Seoul 

Selected Group Exhibitions
2006 Without Boundary (Pyo Gallery Beijing, Beijing) 
Melbourne ArtFair2006 (Pyo Gallery, Melbourne) 
Art Cologne (Pyo Gallery, Cologne)
Shanghai Art


"A Scene from A Memory: A Group Exhibition" featuring 16 Korean Artists at Ode to Art Contemporary
Various Artists
A Scene From A Memory -- "A Scene from a Memory" is set to be an unforgettable stamp of the Korean contemporary art scene in Singapore. With a roster of 16 internationally exhibited artists who have redefined the concept of scenery in their individual styles, the exhibition will showcase a unique, unexpected, and pleasantly surprising array of artworks that will transform how the audience perceive nature and their surroundings. From Jung Kwang Sik's aerial view of landscape carved on black granite to Lee Lee Nam's moving paintings on LED screens, and from Park Seung Mo's clever layering of individually cut steel mesh to Bahk Seon Ghi's floating charcoal pieces, the exhibition seeks to explore the boundless representations of sceneries and the objects that constitute them. In the end, it is when the viewer interacts with the scenery that the real representation begins. Date: 9 -- 15 May 2013 Artists: Bahk Seon Ghi, Cheong Kwang Ho, Choi Young Wook, Jung Kwang Sik, Kim Jong Hak, Kim Joon, Kong Sung Hoon, Lee Jae Hyo, Lee Hee Joong, Lee Jae Sam, Lee Lee Nam, Park Seung Mo, Park Sung Tae, Son Bong Chae, Yoo Bong Sang, Yoo Seung Ho


Various Artists
A Scene From A Memory

A Scene From A Memory is a group exhibition featuring the works of sixteen Korean artists including Jung Kwang Sik , Park Seung Mo

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