Nemo Jantzen

If Only

Come In Closer


The Closer You Get


About The Artist

Nemo Jantzen is a Dutch artist who lives and works in New York and Spain. He has held international exhibitions in Spain, Holland and the United States and been presented at international art fairs in London, Paris and Amsterdam.

His work consistently explores the dialogue of narrative tropes in an image-soaked contemporary environment. In his early hyper-realistic oil and acrylic canvas paintings, he captured enlarged objects and photographic moments in time. The subject matter was typically styled in the manner of film-noir with expressionistic lighting, depth of field or deep focus camera work, unbalanced and moody compositions. He depicted interiors of dimly-lit rooms and exteriors of night scenes with dark alleyways and ominous shadows - piquing the imagination of the viewer and compelling them to create story arcs for what occurs next. 

The works of painted ceramics on wood involve intimacy and beauty. He addresses the voyeurism of hidden cameras and video surveillance that has become accepted in our society and creates awareness of the invasion of privacy in the desire for man to know all and watch all. The portrayal of the private lives of public figures has become typical through the lens of paparazzi and photographic stills and scenes allow one to conjure up a story in a single glance. With his painted ceramic tiles that form pixellated images and the suggestion of an image, our minds can fill in the ambiguity to render a complete picture. 

In his latest series of artwork that includes the use of glass or resin spheres, Nemo Jantzen moves beyond telling a single story from one image. Instead, one gains insight into other worlds and numerous realities - with each sphere carrying the weight of its own narrative that may or may not be interconnected with all other spheres. His large-scale images constitute hundreds of different narratives and stories encapsulated in glass, insinuating to the viewer that “the closer you look, the less you see."




Woolf Gallery, Battersea UK
Art Wynwood, Miami K+Y Gallery
LA Art Show, LA
K+Y Gallery ArtStage, Singapore
Mark Hachem/DeMedics Gallery Singapore Shows Artered Gallery

Art Hamptons Mark Hachem/DeMedics Gallery
Singapore Shows Artered Gallery
London, Paris and Toronto Shows Envie d'Art Gallery
Hong Kong Retrospect Gallery

London Art, UK, Artered Gallery, NY
Scope Basel Switzerland, Artered Gallery
NY Solo Show, Artered Gallery, NY

Houston Fine Art Fair, Artered Gallery, NY
X Group Show, Artered Gallery, NY

Art Chicago, Artered Gallery, Chicago

Wynwood Miami, Artered Gallery

2009 Spring Rotterdam, Holland,
Villa del Arte galleries

2009 Line art, Gent, Belgium,
Villa del Arte galleries   

2008 A
RTI08 The Hague, Holland

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