Gillie and Marc Schattner

Deerman with coffee
Shandu, the Buried Rhino
We Go Together
Flying Fish
The Travellers Have Arrived
Coffee Drinkers
Tandem Riders
Fetch Boy
It Takes Two
The Wave Riders
The Crab Riders
Raining Elephants
We Go Together
R1 Vic She loved that they could swap clothes and share everything together
USD 1,900.002014
All they wanted was a cheeseburger, but they were worried it would ruin their summer bodies
USD 5,900.002014
R1 Vic They were best friends but everyone thought they were sisters
USD 1,900.002014
She loved it that they could have so much fun together.
USD 2,200.002014
LP She loved being completely free in every way possible
USD 2,000.002014
DMG - Lolly Rabbitgirl and Dogman in Aston Martin
USD 800.00
Lolly Rabbitgirl and Dogman in Aston Martin
USD 800.00
Rabbitgirl and Dogman in Aston Martin
USD 800.00
Roger the Magpie - Bronze, long rope
Harold the Magpie - Red, long rope
Harold the Magpie - Bronze, long rope
Simon the Magpie - Bronze, long rope
Butterfly Blue Dogman
They were love gods on two wheels (Splash pop series)
She Screamed For Ice-Cream
Mini Lolly Rabbitgirl (Purple
Mini Lolly Rabbitgirl (Orange)
Mini Lolly Rabbitgirl Raspberry Swirl
Mini Lolly Rabbitgirl Tutti-Fruitti
Lolly Rabbitgirl
Butterfly Blue Rabbitgirl
DMG Rhino on Long Rope
They Always Ride Together in Rome
Rhino on Short Rope
Zebra on Long Rope (orange)
Climbing Zebra
Koala Up High
Three is never a crowd
From up here he could see the world
They were the whale riders ( dark green )
Rhino Suspension (Short Rope)
Flying Hippo on Short Rope
Rhino in the Sky (long rope)
They thought there was no place on earth like London
They loved flying to Singapore in style
They believed when in Paris anything was possible
She was a londoner and he was a tourist hoping to stay
He was mickey and she was minnie and they lived happily ever after

About The Artist

For Gillie and Marc Schattner, it was love at first sight. Having met on a photoshoot in Hong Kong, the two were married within seven days, and have been together for 20 years. Discovering that they had similar styles of artistic expression that intermingled over course of their years together, the couple decided to create a piece together in tribute to a mutual friend. What followed was an artistic and autobiographical journey that radiated not only innovation and creativity but also the warmth and affection between the artists themselves.

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The art of Gillie and Marc is often a tribute to the relationship between animals and man. Depicting human-animal hybrids and their interactions with other animals, they comment on the connection between the two and how neither is totally bereft of the other. The animals are also autobiographical, with the dog representing Marc and the rabbit representing Gillie - two animals that are completely different and unlikely life partners but who are in love and exist happily together. The differences and bizarre appearances of their subjects are also a metaphor for the differences that exist within culture, religion, race and humanity. The reaction of audiences to these subjects - laughter and endearment - are to the artists symbols of humanity's capability to look past differences, realize inner beauty and appreciate ideals beyond the superficial. The stances depicted are often reflective of the couple themselves, but also embody the universal thirst for fun, adventure and the pure joy of the perfect companion by your side. 



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