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Consultancy Project at Fraser Residence

Ode To Art was proud to complete an art project for Fraser Residence Orchard that featured a stunning medley of Asian art. Read further to discover the project and the artists behind the masterpieces!

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By Sarah
Ode To Art was proud to complete an art consultancy project for Fraser Residence Orchard, that involved curating and installing a selection of art for the numerous public spaces in the development as well as within the individual apartments. Located in the heart of Singapore's city center, the art selection for the units featured a stunning medley of Asian art inspired by the heritage of the region.

Chua Ek Kay's skillful brushwork can be viewed in the lobby of the residence

A painting by Singaporean artist Chua Ek Kay takes pride of place in the lobby of the building. Winner of the prestigious UOB Painting of the year award and a Cultural Medallion award winner, Chua's paintings consist of a nuanced blend of traditional Chinese art forms and Western theories and techniques. The painting in the lobby is resplendent with zen, as it features skillful brushwork and subtle imagery, that creates an atmosphere of peacefulness and tranquility.

The unique perspective of Hong Sek Chern's landscape works make a bold statement 

In the living and dining areas of one apartment, Hong Sek Chern's Chinese ink interpretations of the Singapore urban landscape imbue the modern space with a sense of cultural heritage. Featuring a masterful interplay of architectural blocks and lines, Hong's paintings make a bold statement that intrigues, through their multi-point perspective of interior and exterior spaces which appear to collapse into one another.

Lim Choon Jin's abstract paintings imbue the living room with a sense of tranquility

The abstract works of renowned Singaporean contemporary ink artist Lim Choon Jin harmoniously complement the muted colour palette of the luxe interiors in the living room of another apartment. Traditionally calligraphic strokes are transformed into non-objective abstraction, imbuing the viewer with the balancing energies of negative and positive space. Distinctly Eastern in tone, his abstract works are resplendent in their skilled stroke and conceptual depth, and are the perfect pieces for a space of rest and relaxation.

Ho Chee Lick's Singapore scenes convey a palpable sense of history

In the penthouse apartment, Ho Chee Lick’s Singapore scenes create stunning visual poetry, and convey with a palpable sense of history. As an artist who favours scenes of everyday life, Ho’s artworks that were selected for the space feature familiar local iconography such as traditional shophouses, which are rendered using his favoured medium of crayons and stained paper. Through this Ho not only depicts imagery, but also captures fascinating visual texture that adds depth to his work. 

Kim Hee Kyung's paper sculptures are a breathtaking feature of the penthouse master bedroom

Korean artist Kim Hee Kyung's three-dimensional sculpture can be seen in the bedroom of the penthouse apartment. Working with hanji or Korean paper made from the bark of the mulberry tree, the artist uses this traditional material to create intricate flowers. Her works are filled with beauty, romance, and harmony, and possess a delicate quality that is truly breathtaking.

Throughout the development, the works curated by Ode To Art create an aura of relaxation and tranquility

In the other spaces within the residence, the selected works reinforce the aura of harmony and tranquility that is palpable within the development through their captivating imagery and nuanced colour palette, ensuring that the residences of the building instantly feel at home the moment they enter Fraser Residences.

This artwork in the waiting area outside the residence gym combines soothing imagery with a monochrome colour palette

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Available works by the artists

Chua Ek Kay

Untitled, 132 x 166 cm, Hand-coloured pressed paper pulp

Afternoon Rain, 127 x 101.6 cm, Ink on paper

Hong Sek Chern

Landscape along Little India, 135 x 205cm, Ink on paper

Shanghai Bridge, 125 x 68 cm, Ink on paper

Lim Choon Jin

Lotus Pond 莲池, 90 x 90 cm, Chinese ink and pigment on rice paper

Ho Chee Lick

Rangoon Road, 100 x 70.5 cm, Oil pastel on paper

Upper Paya Lebar, 70 x 99.5 cm, Oil pastel on paper

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