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Discover five exciting new artists from around the world whose thrilling works can now be found at Ode To Art!

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By Sarah
We are always looking to bring new artists from a range of different countries and cultures to the gallery, to provide you with a fresh and exciting art experience. In this post we are excited to introduce five new artists whose works can now be found in the gallery, and whose unique technique and artistic vision will make for the perfect masterpiece for your home.

Fatal Jordan (Triple Puzzles)

80 x 180cm, Metal Steel

French artist Auguste hails from the famed Bordeaux region of France, and is known for his colorful contemporary Pop Art-inspired and nostalgia-evoking works.

Auguste’s works feature an amalgamation of familiar pop culture icons of both past and present, such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Banksy’s Balloon Girl, Michael Jordan, and Marilyn Monroe. Recognizable logos of brands such as Chupa Chups, Ferrari, Chanel, and Starbucks are often present in his scenes as well. These images are superimposed against the vibrant neon glamour of New York’s Times Square, with occasional highlights of splattered paint.

Art Party
120 x 120cm, Metal Steel for Wall Mount

 By positioning these images in association with each other, Auguste invariably links corporate branding, luxury consumer goods, and the media together, juxtaposing them against the nostalgic innocence associated with various cartoon characters, thus making a statement about the current state of consumption and contemporary society.

If you are intrigued by urban culture, Auguste’s works will be right up your alley. The artist uses the unusual medium of aluminum along with digital collage and acrylic paint and uses automotive varnish (Aston Martin) to give his works a modern glossy finish, which creates a fascinating, modern aesthetic.

Popeye The Sailor
59 x 24 x 19 cm, Fiber Resin

The adventure of Tin Tin
100 x 120cm, Acrylic on Canvas 

If you are someone who loves adventures and fantasy worlds, Fonne’s paintings are definitely for you!

Fonne is a Thai artist who seeks to carve a new aesthetic with her striking paintings. Having developed a fascination with colours from a young age, her signature ‘drip’ technique involves the overlapping of colours and imagery onto the canvas, to create a truly mesmerizing masterpiece.Her works often feature iconic cartoon characters such as Tin Tin and Doraemon, inviting viewers on a nostalgic trip down memory lane to revisit their childhood.

Doraemon and Friends
100 x 150cm, Acrylic on Canvas

When creating pieces, Fonne attempts to go beyond first appearances. Rather than simply making an aesthetically pleasing work, her pieces aim to challenge the viewer’s critical awareness by conveying the different facets of her subject’s personality and individual identity, thus encouraging them to see things differently and interpret information in new ways.  While real people inspire Fonne’s work, the end result is a blend of reality and creative interpretation, with each piece utilising a completely unique colour set that captivates viewers of all ages. 

Not only is Fonne’s imagery compelling, but the unique and striking textures of her works make a bold statement, that will instantly catch the eye of anyone who enters your space. 

Tin Tin and Snowy 
120 x 120cm, Acrylic on Canvas

Born in Texas, self-taught artist Gaulthier’s whimsical style is a culmination of her personal experiences residing in urban and rural settings, including a decade in which she spent living and working in Chicago and Africa. 

Having grown up in what she states was the “flattest” and “ugliest” town in West Texas, Gaulthier’s inner life thus became a lot richer, and she began producing commissioned works from her early teens. Described as “anthropomorphic realism”, the wild creatures in her animal portraits are depicted in a humane and regal manner, and are foregrounded on damask style backgrounds. She humorously depicts her animal subjects as ‘collectors’, who collect objects such as flowers, china, books and baked goods. 

Happy Panda91.44 x 182.88 cm, Mixed Medium

Gaulthier’s creative drive is primarily motivated by a deep love for aesthetics, seeing beauty alone as making a work important to her, as she depicts a reality she wishes was real. Her works are influenced by vintage and modern graphic and textile design, and she often paints with interiors in mind. 

For lovers of all things whimsical, Gaulthier’s animal portraits will add a quirky touch to your space and fill your home with joy and humour. 

Patrick RubinsteinOh my Banana69 x 69cm, Kinetic Artwork on Panel
Patrick Rubinstein was born in 1960 in Paris, during the time of British rock, cinema, and American pop, and his works often revisit this colourful Pop universe of the ‘60s by featuring the major icons and celebrities of the second half of the twentieth century. Patrick draws his themes from both the past and the present and is inspired by Optical Art and Kinetic Art, genres that play with our perceptions through art.

Through an innovative process, the artist creates his pieces in three dimensions, giving his artworks an animated and perpetually renewed quality.

I Love Paris
51 x 51cm, Kinetic Artwork on Panel

Rubinstein’s art has a striking effect when observed: the image, fixed at first, comes to life according to the movements of the viewer. We become the animator vis-à-vis the unprecedented dynamics of his work, that draw us into a captivating visual experience, and surprises us with every viewing. 

If you tend to live on the wild side of life, Patrick’s kinetic artworks are perfect for you! The artist is at the forefront of artistic innovation, creating an immersive visual experience that captivates viewers of all ages. 
Paul RoussoBatman
91 x 246 x 23cm, Mixed Media on Hand-sculpted Polystyrene

American artist Paul Rousso was born in 1958, in Charlottesville, North Carolina, and is renowned for his concept, “Flat Depth”, which he has been refining his entire professional career, and which he sees as the logical progression of art. This aims to render a flat object three-dimensional, or to collapse a three-dimensional object into two-dimensions and is a fusion of countless complex artistic methods such as painting, printing, sculpting, welding, chemistry, digital manipulation, and digital printing. Through heat infusion on plexiglass, Rousso creates his captivating hyper-realistic, hyper-sized, pop-art inspired sculptures.

With influences ranging from Dr. Seuss to Roy Lichtenstein, Rousso casts his pop art sensibilities on a 21st-century scale, and he is primarily concerned with the ink and paper era which he sees as drawing to a close. Rousso's fascination with paper - currency, advertising, newspapers, magazines - its history and use, its rise and fall, is an emblematic theme reflected frequently in his compositions.

Global Entry120 x 124cm,  Mixed Media on Hand-sculpted Polystyrene

Rousso's nuanced satire lies in inflating their size to inescapable proportions, so much so that it practically jumps off the wall, and straight into the viewer's consciousness. Intricately detailed renderings at such outsized dimensions as four to five feet in size force the viewer into the role of studied observer. It is in this way that Rousso’s art speaks to the conversion of physical objects and the effect of that transformation on the viewer.  
If you are particularly fascinated with the process of creating an artwork, Paul Rousso’s wall sculptures encapsulate the painstaking process of an artist, and are bound to intrigue viewers with their lifelike appearance.

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