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Rainer Lagemann at Lyf Funan

Discover Ode To Art's recent project with Lyf Funan, which features Rainer Lagemann's captivating sculpture in this exciting new co-living development.

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By Sarah
Ode To Art was honoured to be a consultant and art supplier for a recent development, Lyf Funan, the largest co-living property in Southeast Asia developed by The Ascott Limited. Located within proximity to an array of business and entertainment attractions, the property has a modern, urban vibe, geared towards a young and hip crowd in the workforce. 

Rainer Lagemann’s captivating sculpture was chosen to take prominence at the reception area of the property, placed high above it, and presenting visitors with a mesmerising welcome. Representing energy, dynamism and incredible velocity, the work perfectly encapsulates the spirit of this exciting new development and its residents. 

Rainer Lagemann at Lyf Funan

Powerful, Spiritual, Weightless. German artist Rainer Lagemann’s magnificent sculptures have long captivated viewers through his unique rendering of the human form and movement.

Rainer was originally trained as an interior architect, but in 2005 he discovered his passion for welding. Despite having turned to sculpture later in his career, his signature technique has earned him critical acclaim and recognition around the globe. This involves the use of small hollow steel squares, which are welded together to create the human form. 

The artist’s principal fascination is the human body, which he describes to be the “classic theme of artistic expression and struggle”, that has been “depicted in all shapes materials and mediums” since the dawn of mankind. 
Rainer’s use of hollow squares strip away distractions, creating works that are simultaneously ethereal and concrete, and reflect both the strength and delicate nature of the human body. Each square represents the trials and tribulations of life; with the four corners being the intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions of humans. His sculptures capture the human body in motion, producing a freeze-frame of powerful gestures and emotions, that demonstrate the velocity of human movement. 

Climber CL
177 x 23 x 99cm, Stainless Steel

Runner IV 
190 x 23 x 117cm, Stainless Steel

If you're in Singapore, be sure to head down to Funan Mall and check out Rainer's sculpture in Lyf Funan!

Runner X
148 x 28 x 172cm, Stainless Steel

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