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Inside the Creative Space with Wu Qiong: Virtual Exhibition

On 26th May 2020, Ode To Art held the first virtual exhibition of Wu Qiong's artworks on Facebook live. Viewers treated to an exclusive look into the artist's creative space, a glimpse at his upcoming artworks and a live demonstration by Wu Qiong with Pla

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By Sarah
On May 26 2020, Wu Qiong held an online exhibition with Ode To Art titled ‘Inside the Creative Space’. For the Beijing-based artist, this was his first experience holding such a virtual event, and it was truly reflective of the current times amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. While originally a physical exhibition in the gallery of Wu Qiong’s works had been planned for this year, due to the nationwide restrictions imposed, a decision was made to shift the event to the online space in order to bring the works to interested viewers from a safe distance.

A snippet from Inside the Creative Space with Wu Qiong

 During the session, viewers were treated to an exclusive look into Wu Qiong’s artistic space, as the live was filmed from his studio, providing unique insight into the creative space of an artist.

Wu Qiong in his artistic space

 Wu Qiong shared about numerous new works he had created that were in the process of completion. For many art lovers, their first glimpse of the work is in its completed form, so an opportunity to see a work that is in an intermediary stage is a rare one that is eagerly cherished. Viewers also gained unique insight into the meaning behind the various artworks straight from the words of the maestro himself.

加油 Jia Yu100 x 80 cm, Oil on Canvas

Amongst the works showcased by the artist was 加油 Jia Yu, a painting that Wu Qiong shared is representative of himself. To the artist, this painting reflects his experience as a boy entering adulthood and leaving the innocence of his carefree youth behind, while his childhood companion Doraemon cheers him on.

Love Under The Pine tree-One (松下@爱情 )100x80 cm, Oil on Canvas 

Wu Qiong also showed viewers this work titled Love Under The Pine tree, and gave unique insight into his painting process. The artist shared that he initially painted the couple standing on a high cliff, and had not planned to add the pine tree and rock behind, but it was an idea that came about on the spur of the moment. He also shared that he added numerous layers of oil paint to depict the rock and pine tree, which was a new style for him, as his works are usually flat yet this technique created a fascinating new texture.

Master130 x 95 cm, Oil on Canvas 

Many viewers were highly intrigued by this work, which differed shape from the other paintings on show. The work depicted a boy as a Kung Fu master amazingly standing on water in an ocean, as Wu Qiong explained that it reflects the notion of childhood aspirations, as every little boy dreams to grow up to be a hero.

Viewers were charmed by the heartwarming imagery of this painting

He also explained that he chose the oval shape canvas instead of a square or rectangle to reflect how the universe is boundless and has no defined end, and thus the Kung Fu master experiences life to his fullest as there is no limitation to his potential.  

The Dense Forests
55 x 77 cm, Silkscreen Print

Besides paintings, Wu Qiong also revealed his new sculptures to viewers, such as this work titled Guests From The Snow Mountain. It is an extension of his animal series, which has previously included reindeer and rhinoceros. The artist shared that the work was not only made out of fiberglass but pure sheepskin as well! He also explained that the girl lying on the back of the Llama reflects how humans can live in harmony with the natural world, creating a sense of peace and security.

雪山的来客 -Guests From The Snow Mountain
35 x 30 x 14cm, PU, Fiberglass & Pure Sheepskin

Rhinoceros in Love
48 x 14 x 35 cm, Fiberglass Painted

In Here 
33 x 13 x 26 cm, Bronze Painted

As the Playdoh ambassador for China, Wu Qiong ended off his virtual exhibition by delighting viewers with a live demonstration recreating his heart-warming imagery with the modeling compound. In a matter of seconds, the artist was able to form creations like an adorable pig and a carrot, showcasing his artistic prowess in a befitting end to a wonderfully enjoyable art-filled evening.

Wu Qiong showcasing his adorable animal creation using Play-doh
Thank you to everyone who attended our first virtual exhibition with Wu Qiong! We hoped you enjoyed this new art experience, and do stay tuned for more exciting events to come. If you missed this session, we have included a recording of the full session for your enjoyment, and do follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on our upcoming events.  

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