Soulmates, 2020
Mixed Medium on Canvas, 120 x 200 cm

USD 7,300 – 10,400


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About the artwork

In this painting by Thai artist Chansrinual, a terrain of magnificent mountains overlap and appear to go on forever, creating a palpable and evocative sense of depth. The artist’s distinct technique involves painstakingly layering solid acrylic to create a three-dimensional texture, that offers viewers a unique visual experience. Against the flatness of the blue sky, Chansrinual's mountains and their contours stand out in both form and dimension, while the cool tone background colour conveys an atmosphere of tranquility and peacefulness. Chansrinual juxtaposes the magnitude of Mother Nature with the diminutive man by depicting two miniature figures in the centre of the work, with the striking contrast in scale serving as a reminder of humans’ eventual insignificance in the face of nature’s magnitude.

About the artist

Thai artist Saenkom Chansrinual is well accomplished with numerous awards and exhibitions held under his belt. An aspiring artist with unusual painting techniques coming forth to create a new aesthetic visual, Chansrinual’s repertoire of works sought to find new means of expression through the subject matter that fervently inspires him. Chansrinual takes pride in his outstanding achievements, most notably with his ASEAN art award in 2000.

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