Noh Jun's
DMG Wood Maru Babi, 2011

Milk Paint On Wood
50 x 36 x 49cm

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CCS 104 Jl Noh Jun is known for the creation of his own unique characters. These characters are found at several tourist destinations such as Japan and Bali. Noh brings to his viewers several children friendly characters such as Clo and Dappy, inspired by his past experience working at a children cable channel. These characters his characters are always part of a story that continues with each development in the character created. Noh also takes note of the location of the placement of his sculptures, altering their posture accordingly to give it a more authentic feel. Noh is renowned for the cuteness and simplicity that comes with each character and the added excitement to learn the rest of the narrative that follows each character.

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  • +Artist Bio

    Born in 1969, Korean sculpture artist Noh Jun attained his Bachelor's, Masters and PhD in Sculpture from the Seoul National University, and gained much of his work experience in the entertainment industry. Noh was able to create unique and child-friendly characters such as Clo and Dappy. This was mostly because he was an emcee at a children's cable channel at Daekyo Broadcasting Station and worked with clay animation for television for a long time. Presently, he is a lecturer at the Seoul National University and Kyungpook National University. Noh's work has been exhibited in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and USA. In 2006, he was awarded the Grand Prize for the 6th Song Eun Arts Award at the Song Eun Arts & Cultural Foundation and the following year, won the Special Selection for the 7th Moran Sculpture Award at the Moran Museum. He attained the 19th Kim Sejoong Young Sculptors Award at the Kim Sejoong Commemoration Association.
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  • +Exhibitions

    'You can do more light and trivial', Gallery Kaze, Osaka, Japan

    'Trivial and Not Serious', Gallery Royal, Seoul, Korea
    'NJ Entertainment, Osaka', Gallery Kaze, Osaka, Japan
    'NJ Entertainment, Tokyo', Keumsan Gallery Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

    'NJ Entertainment, Seoul', Lee Hwaik Gallery, Seoul, Korea 

    'Mother & Son - Your Wishes Ⅱ', Shinsegae Gallery, Incheon
    'Mother & Son - Your Wishes', SongEun Gallery, Seoul

    'Image - Mother & Son', Kimjinhye Gallery, Seoul 

    'ARespiration of the Earth', Space Cell, Seoul 

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