Skull and Chair
Oil on Canvas, 145 x 400 cm

USD 16,700 – 23,800

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About the artwork

(A) Nasirun’s biggest motivator in his art is his spiritual beliefs, Islam. He believes that painting is a spiritual action. Born and brought up in an Islamic family, he meditates and practices his faith through the means of his art. His spiritual struggles are the inspirations behind his works, making them a reflection of his own personality and emotions. He even integrates Arabic and Latin words into his painting occasionally, regions where Islam is prevalent. The influence of Islam in his paintings is evident; it may be in form of the words added onto the canvas or the manner in which characters are portrayed.

About the artist

Bornin 1965 in Cilacap, Indonesia, Nasirun is a graduate of the Indonesia Institute of the Arts (ISI), Yogyakarta and is known for creating large-format paintings based on his extensive knowledge of Javanese wayang. During the mid-1990s, well-known art collector Oei Hong Djein began purchasing Nasirun's paintings. Since then, his works began to rise in popularity among art collectors in both Indonesia and the Southeast Asian region. 

Since 1998, Nasirun's work has been exhibited throughout Indonesia in several regions including Magelang, Semarang, Jakarta, Bali and Yogyakarta.

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