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Frank Hyder
L4 Red And Blue, 2019

Oil , Acrylic Resin and Metal Leaf on Canvas
122 x 92cm


This painting by Frank Hyder depicts a group of vibrantly coloured koi fish swimming beyond the canvas. The vivid red of the koi contrasts the cool-toned blue of their counterparts, creating a vibrant visual contrast that is furthered by the warm and dynamism of the gold background. The soft curved lines of the fish highlight the delicate nature of these majestic creates, and connotes a sense of movement that is furthered by various gold lines in the background which mimic the rippling of water. Through his captivating works and the powerful yet visionary experience they provide, Frank Hyder aims to depict a unique exploration of nature and the dynamics of life, such that the viewer feels as though they are in the midst of a waking dream.

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  • +Artist Bio

    Frank Hyder is a Northern Liberties painter and woodcut artist, with a Masters in Fine Art. He is based in Miami, but has traveled widely in South America and Mexico - claiming the Southern exposure suits him. However, there was a single life-changing experience that made all the difference for this venturesome artist. Hyder spent one year living and painting in the Venezuelan rain forest.

    Hyder's art seeks to engage the viewer in a sensory and visual dialogue. Nature and the dynamics of light are his subjects. He desires to create a metaphysical reality of intense light and shade where forms appear and dissolve, to dream with eyes open, to feel without touching and to feel touched by the very experience of seeing the painting.  Read More

  • +Exhibitions

    Museum of Latin American Art, Los Angeles, CA 
    La Salle University Art Museum , Philadelphia , PA 

    Museo de Jacobo Borges, Caracas, Venezuela 

    Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Zulia, A Recuerdo de Mundo , Maracaibo, Venezuela 
    The Museum of the University of the Andes , Merida ,Venezuela 

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