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Huang Gang
为你鼓掌 Applause for you

26 x 26cm


Huang Gang creates a striking rendering of a pair of hands in the midst of applauding, through his use of bronze. The context behind this subject is ambiguous, yet this seemingly simple sculpture is imbued with complexity and emotion. There is an underlying sense of solemnity emphasised by the coarse texture of the hands, which conveys weariness and struggle. Despite the celebratory gesture, we are unclear if this subject has the luxury of joining in the celebration, of it has come at his or her expense.

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  • +Artist Bio

    Born in Beijing in 1961, Huang Gang studied at the China Central Academy of Art and Design, graduating with a B.A. in Fine Art, followed by an M.A. in Environmental Art in 1991. Huang Gang was surrounded by traditional Chinese art and calligraphy since he was a child and, in the 1980s, developed an interest in traditional Tibetan culture which inspired him to incorporate Tibetan methods and motifs in his work. Huang Gang’s preoccupation with traditional Chinese and Tibetan culture comes as a response to the rapid socio-economic transformation in China throughout the 1990s. Recognized internationally, Huang Gang won the Ikuo Hirayama award in 1991 and the Silver Award at the 1st Beijing International Environmental Art Exhibition in 1995.  Read More

  • +Exhibitions

    Solo Exhibition at Shangai Art Museum, Shanghai, China

    "Beijing Memory" Asia Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan (solo)
    "Call From Faraway: Huang Gang Art Exhibition" Poly Art Museum, Beijing (solo)

    Solo Exhibition at Gallery Zuger, Santa Fe, NM, USA

    Solo exhibition, Ledafletcher Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland

    Solo exhibition: The Royal Monceau, Paris 
    Solo Exhibition Leda Fletcher Gallery, 
    Geneva Exhibition of "In search of"
    Walsh Gallery, Chicago 
    New York Asia Art Fair, Bao Lin Gallery, New York, USA

    Solo exhibition in J. Gallery, Hong Kong Solo exhibition in the Atlantic Gallery Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt

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