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Xiang Jing
Dear Children - I See (Green) 亲爱的小孩-懂了 绿绿

Fiberglass Hand Painted
37 x 8.8 x 10cm


With her funny haircut and cute dress, this little kid pouts her lips and stares wonderingly into the future with her bean eyes. She has too many questions for this world and craves for answers. But eventually she will realize that there isn’t always an answer so the best she can do is to love this world with a kind heart. “I See” is a very subtle phrase - different from “I know” or ”I get it” - it is an act of comprehension from the deepest heart, a feeling of warmth and love.

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  • +Artist Bio

    Born in Beijing in 1968, Xiang Jing graduated from Chinese Academy of Fine Arts Sculpture Department in 1995. She was lecturer of sculpture studio at Fine Art College of Shanghai Normal University from 1999 to 2007. Xiang Jing founded Xiang Jing + Qu Guangci (X+Q) Sculpture Studio in 2007, and later the art brand X+Q Art in 2010, with her husband and artist Qu Guangci. Xiang Jing now works and lives in Beijing. 
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  • +Exhibitions

    Solo Exhibitions

    Will Things Ever Get Better?, Today Art Museum, Beijing
    I Have Seen Happiness, Park Hyatt, Beijing

    Naked Beyond Skin, Asia Touring Project, Tang Contemporary Art, Hong Kong / Bangkok / Beijing

    Are One Hundred Playing You? Or Just One?, Eslite Gallery, Taipei

    Your Body – Xiang Jing

    Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai
    Keep in Silence – Xiang Jing
    China Art Seasons Gallery, Beijing

    Women In the Mirror, Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen, China
    Art of Xiang Jing, Mead Art (Tuan Cheng) Gallery, Beijing, China

    Group Exhibitions  


    Gallery Hotel Art Project, Gallery Hotel, Beijing Worker’s Stadium, Beijing
    The Clear Horizon – Chinese Contemporary Sculpture Since 1978, Si Shang Art Museum, Beijing
    Half the Sky: Women in the New Art of China, Leonard Pearlstein Gallery, Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA
    Collecting History: China New Art, Opening Exhibition of Museum of Contemporary Art, Chengdu
    Future Pass — From Asia To The World, Venice Biennale, Abbazia di San Gregorio, Venice
    The Missing Identity, The Art Museum of Fujian Province, Fuzhou GuanXi in Contemporary Chinese Art, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou
    Cannot Be Absent, Opening Exhibition of Wenxuan Art Museum, Chengdu
    Love and Hope: The Art World Assisting Children Affected by the Disasters in Japan, Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing
    The Way is Not Merely Between Two Points, Lin & Lin Gallery, Taipei Fabriqué en Chine, Beyond Art Space, Beijing
    Rabbit Art Show, Jinqiao International Plaza, Shanghai  


    Self –Portrait: Female Art in China (1920-2010), Chinese Academy of Fine Art Art Museum, Beijing
    Absolute Distance, White Space Beijing + MK2 Art Space, Beijing
    Next Heritage 2010, Opening Exhibition of Longmen Art Projects, Shanghai
    Six + Six: Energy, Pass On, Gallery Yang, Beijing China
    Reshaping History -China Art from 2000 to 2009, China National Convention Center, Beijing
    What is Art?, Times Art Museum, Beijing
    Mind > Touch?, Times Art Museum, Beijing It’s Not Sculpture, Linda Gallery, Beijing  


    Translucence – Female Contemporary Art from China, National Art Museum of China & Contemporary Art of European Center, Brussels, Belgium
    Animamix Biennial, Today Art Museum, Beijing Collision
    Experimental Cases of Contemporary Chinese Art, Chinese Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum, Beijing
    Tribute to the Motherland — 60 Years of Chinese Fine Arts, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
    Thoughts > Hands, Today Art Museum, Beijing
    19 Games in Aids, Art, Life Exhibition Series, organized by UNDP / UNESCO / UNICEF etc.
    Reflection, West Lake Art Museum, Hangzhou, Wall Art Museum, Beijing
    The Body, Nanjing Shangdong Art Center, Nanjing
    The Tale of Angels, the Red Mansion Foundation, London, UK  


    Couples in Contemporary Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai, Shanghai
    The Revolution Continues – New Chinese Art, The Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
    “People and China” – The Humanism in 20th Century Chinese Art, Chinese Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum, Beijing
    Case Studies of Artists in Art History And Art Criticism, SZ Art Center of Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House, Beijing
    The World of Others, Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai, Shanghai Artificial Nature @ Art Lab, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai
    Source: The 1st Moon River Sculpture Festival, Moon River Contemporary Art Museum, Beijing
    Happy Together, Aura Gallery, Beijing Deep Breathing - Contemporary Chinese Women Art, Suhe Art Centre, Shanghai  


    China – Facing Reality, Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig, Vienna, Austria.
    Post Avant-Garde Contemporary Chinese Art, Anting Gallery, Hong Kong
    The First Today’s Documents 2007-- Energy: Spirit · Body · Material, Today Art Museum, Beijing
    Calling a Stag a Horse: Guangci, Xiang Jing, Chen Wenling, Cao Hui Four-Person Sculpture Show, San Shang Art, Beijing China
    Now, the Cobra Museum of Modern Art Amstelveen, Netherlands
    She & I – Xiang Jing and Guangci’s Sculpture Works, China Square, New York, USA
    The 10th Edition of OPEN- the International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations, Venice Lido, Italy
    What Next: Art in Contemporary China, Hong Kong Convention Center, Hong Kong
    Ten Artists in Contemporary Chinese Sculpture Art, Asia Art Center, Beijing
    Art Lan @ Asia, ZAIM Yokohama, Japan
    Tanah Air: Seni Patung dan Lingkungan, Pakuwon City Complex – Surabaya, Indonesia  


    Women in a Society of Double Genders, Tang Contemporary Art, Bangkok, Thailand
    Soliloquy: China-Indonesia Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, National Art Museum, Jakarta, Indonesia
    China Now, ESSL Collection of contemporary Art, Vienna, Austria
    MoCA Envisage – Entry Gate: Chinese Aesthetics of Heterogeneity, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai
    Jiang Hu, Jack Tilton Gallery, New York, USA


    TS1 Contemporary Art Center Opening Exhibition, TS1 @ No.1 Song Zhuang, Beijing
    Sculpture of a Century, Shanghai Sculpture Space, Shanghai  


    Dreams of the Dragon’s Nation - Chinese Contemporary Art, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland MMAC Art College / Performance Festival 2004, Fukushima / Tokyo, Japan Witness
    Sculpture of Xiang Jing And Guangci, He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen
    Stroll exhibition series, Doland Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai China  
    Imagination: Chinese Contemporary Sculpture. Jardin de Tuileries, Paris, France  


    New Zone - Chinese Art, Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warzaw, Poland
    Sculpture by Xiang Jing And Guangci, Casas-Museu da Taipa, Macau
    XII Inner Spaces, Multimedia Festival, CCA Inner Spaces, Poznan, Poland
    A Difference Choice – Born in 1960s, The Peninsula Art Museum, Shanghai
    An Open Age – The 50th Anniversary of National Art Museum of China, National Art Museum of China, Beijing

    Public Collection

    Shanghai EXPO Permanent Collection, Shanghai 
    Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai
    Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai
    Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai
    Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
    Museum of Contemporary Art, Chengdu
    The Saatchi Gallery, London

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