Nathan Elkanovich

MIA Best Friends
Acrylic on Canvas, 40 x 40 cm

USD 1,500 – 2,100


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About the artwork

MIA (fr.2018) Elkanovich has perfected an innovative technique combining acrylic, silicone, and mixed-media on canvas to create a textural surface showcasing his interest and professional connections with the world of fabric, textile, color, and image. Reminiscent of the shaped forms of Keith Haring, his paintings are lighthearted and colourful, giving off an energy that is endearing and fun.

About the artist

Nathan Elkanovich was born in Moldova, USSR. Ever since painting became an integral part of his life, he began developing a unique painting technique in which he mixed all kinds of plastic materials in different quantities - including silicon and acrylic- and sprinkled them on the canvas. This resulted in the creation of three-dimensional textures on surfaces. His iconic series includes portraits of famous people who influenced his life deeply. These icons had a long lasting impact on him through their influence on philosophy and popular culture. By painting them, he expressed his respect towards them and cherished their great impact on his world. 

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