Nathan Elkanovich


About The Artist

Natan Elkanovich was born in 1966 in Moldova and moved to Israel with his family in 1976. He earned his BFA in Fashion Design at the Shenkar School of Engineering and Design in Tel-Aviv. Upon graduation, he worked as a senior costume designer in the Israeli Motion Picture and Television Industry and, in 2005, won the coveted Ophir - the Israeli equivalent of the Oscar award for best costume design.

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Over the years, Elkanovich has perfected an innovative technique combining acrylic, silicone, and mixed-media on canvas to create a textural surface showcasing his interest and professional connections with the world of fabric, textile, color, and image.

In the “My Icons” series, he painted portraits of famous people who deeply influenced his life. By painting them, Natan pays sincere tribute to them for the work they did. "I paint famous people that had a deep impact on my life and contributed heavily, as my parents and teachers, to my spiritual world and world view. These people were my 'babysitters', and by painting them now, I express, without the slightest hint of cynicism, my great appreciation and endless thanks to them for building my inner world.”

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