Acrylic on Canvas, 75.5 x 76 cm

USD 6,100 – 8,700

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About the artwork

This piece, titled "Greetings to the Nature's Beauty", encompasses Coplu's signature visual vocabulary with themes of music, love, and harmony. Bundles of bright white daisies and neat, multi-coloured hearts are woven into the bars of a delicate music score. Interlocking in peaceful waves, this surreal imagery takes the form of a tree, gently leaning towards a group of three standing by its bark. Holding onto various instruments, this group is depicted serenading the music score towards them, reflexive of the relationship humans have with music. In this whimsical landscape, this piece radiates joy and affection with its warm colour palette and soothing composition.

About the artist

Born in the Turkish town of Ushak, Coplu brought into the art world his distinctive style of cartoons, filled with warm and sentimental characters that range from silly to profound. Highly recognized and exhibited, the artist has won many competitions and accolades for his artworks and has been published in various media in Turkey, South East Asia and across Europe. He has also established an Open Air Cartoon Exhibition Space and the Cartoon School of Antalya. Part of many prestigious collections, the artist has been exhibited the world over, including France, Italy, the US, Germany and Spain.  

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