Vani Hidayatur Rahman

The Thinker Series #3 : Building A Peaceful Civilization , 2019
Acrylic on Canvas, 150 x 150 cm

USD 4,900 – 7,100

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About the artwork

In this symbolic work by Vani, Auguste Rodin’s sculpture The Thinker is depicted with a dove of peace on its shoulder, amidst a backdrop of a modern cityscape, and surrounded by a myriad of colourful doves. The Thinker has traditionally been viewed as a heroic figure, representing both intellect as well as poetry, while the dove is commonly seen as a symbol of peace in politics. By placing them together, Vani illustrates the notion that peace in the world can only truly come about when society intensely considers significant decisions, rather than simply acting on impulse or emotion. The myriad of colourful doves flying in the work stand out against the monochromatic elements of the painting, and evoke feelings of hope and positivity, which is reinforced by the sense of spirit their flight suggests, as well as the dazzling blue sky which stretches far beyond in the distance. Through this multilayered work, Vani highlights the power of thought, as well as his optimism that peace can eventually be achieved in the world.

About the artist

Born in 1981 in Semarang, Indonesia, artist Vani Hidayatur Rahman is currently based in Jogjakarta. He has shown his works in various group exhibitions including ArtJog 2013: Maritime Culture, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta; Return to Home, International Union of Unified Ummah Cartoon Contest, Iran (2012); Manifesto, Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta (2010). Vani has received a number of art awards including the Best Painting accolade at the 2012 Jakarta Art Awards and was a finalist at the 2008 Jakarta Art Awards.

Vani Hidayatur Rahman has made a name for himself with his distinctive and realistic style. With his highly complex paintings that are adorned with detailed embellishments, Vani imbues a strong concept and story into each piece and addresses pertinent political, social and environmental issues that span war to pollution. In his artwork entitled "Unity," Vani depicts a large ark - a motif that has been reiterated by other Indonesian painters such as Widayat and Amrus Natalya. However, Vani presents his own interpretation of the timber vessel by painting it in an unfinished stage of construction and glory - a group of workers on deck are still sawing, carrying wooden beams and measuring for dimensions. The flurry of activity is painted from a birds-eye view and aerial perspective, with the entire structure and frame visible - allowing the viewer to feel as if he or she is an omniscient being looking down from above. 

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