Frank Hyder

Golden Ring, 2019
Oil , Acrylic Resin and Metal Leaf on Canvas, 122 x 152 cm


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About the artwork

Frank Hyder’s main subjects are not just the beautiful koi he paints, but rather nature and the dynamics of light. He aims to create a metaphysical reality in which forms seems to appear and dissolve, to be in the midst of a waking dream and to feel touched by merely viewing his paintings. In his own words, “the spiritual nature of man is my interest”, and it is with this spirit that he wishes to engage with through a sensory and visual dialogue. Hyder’s use of unusual materials adds to the profundity of his work, combining oil paint, acrylic resin and metal leaf on canvas to create something that is more than meets the eye. These materials give each image a different pulse and character, combined in different ways to create different effects. These effects combined creates something awe-inspiring, a highly unique and individual experience with each painting. The images that Frank Hyder paints aim to stay with the viewer long after they have looked at them. They inspire introspection, ruminations on the powerful yet visionary experience he has created.

About the artist

Frank Hyder is a Northern Liberties painter and woodcut artist, with a Masters in Fine Art. He is based in Miami, but has traveled widely in South America and Mexico - claiming the Southern exposure suits him. However, there was a single life-changing experience that made all the difference for this venturesome artist. Hyder spent one year living and painting in the Venezuelan rain forest.

Hyder's art seeks to engage the viewer in a sensory and visual dialogue. Nature and the dynamics of light are his subjects. He desires to create a metaphysical reality of intense light and shade where forms appear and dissolve, to dream with eyes open, to feel without touching and to feel touched by the very experience of seeing the painting. 

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