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Mountain Silver, 2019

Mixed Medium on Canvas
120 x 120cm


Chansrinual’s Mountain Silver is a painting that conveys nature’s enduring immortality in the transience of humanity. In the traditional style of his artistic oeuvre, Chansrinual’s lone white figure in the massive rolling landscape becomes a reminder of humans’ eventual insignificance in the face of nature’s magnitude. In the background, the mountain's terrain seemingly goes on for forever, its infinite form emphasising nature's enduring frame even at the height of modernisation. The unceasing stability of the monochromatic landscape is a stark contrast to the white form, accentuating the ephemerality of humans and modernity in the face of nature.

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  • +Artist Bio

    Thai artist Saenkom Chansrinual is well accomplished with numerous awards and exhibitions held under his belt. An aspiring artist with unusual painting techniques coming forth to create a new aesthetic visual, Chansrinual’s repertoire of works sought to find new means of expression through the subject matter that fervently inspires him. Chansrinual takes pride in his outstanding achievements, most notably with his ASEAN art award in 2000. Read More

  • +Exhibitions

    Exhibitions & Awards

    1992 3rd prize - Toshiba Art Award
    1995 12th Contemporary Art Exhibition
    1997 Contemporary Art Exhibition in Commemoration of 55th Anniversary of the Faculty, Painting Sculpture and Arts, Silpakorn University at the National Gallery, Bangkok
    2000 Announcement of Frame - ASEAN Art Award, Phillip Morris 2000
    2003 "Life & Nature" at The Grand Hotel - Bangkok
    2004 72nd Anniversary Queen Sirikit Exhibition
    2007 The Dusit Thani Hotel - Bangkok

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