Wu Liang Yan

Singing to the Nation No.2 - 歌唱祖国, 2008
Bronze Painted , 56 x 30 x 20 cm

USD 4,500 – 6,400


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About the artwork

Wu Liang Yu's figures are characterized with a red tie which is part of every Chinese student's uniform. To Wu and many young artists growing up under the Communist regime, this also represents the expectations of society towards youths. The child, with its heads held high and its right hand raised, signifies the pride the child ought to have when singing to the nation. A star is placed underneath each sculpture, rendering the overall composition of the child to be that of a trophy prize that a parent can bring home and display to others.

About the artist

Born in 1982, Fujian Province, China, sculptor Wu Liang Yan creates sculptures representing the new face of Chinese youth. In all his works, the same figure is used - a young child with plump cheeks, bearing a disproportionately large head that is tilted upwards, with a red tie around his neck. Each part of the child's form is laden with meaning in the context of China's history and progression. Wu Liang Yan graduated from the prestigious Fujian Art Institute. Today, his critically acclaimed sculptures have been exhibited in both group and solo exhibitions in Xiamen, Beijing and France. 

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