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Nemo Jantzen
If Only, 2015

Mixed Media on Wood
132 x 13.8 x 182cm


Vic As part of his newest series of work, Nemo Jantzen incorporates a complex combination of glass and resin spheres that not only tell the story of one image when viewed in their entirety, but add mystique and depth with a bevy of smaller stories and connected worlds. The viewer is drawn ever inwards and one's imagination is piqued - one can envision hundreds of experiences from this piece alone. As the title suggests, one is seduced, enticed to explore a plethora of options and multiple universes.

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  • +Artist Bio

    Nemo Jantzen is a Dutch artist who lives and works in New York and Spain. He has held international exhibitions in Spain, Holland and the United States and been presented at international art fairs in London, Paris and Amsterdam. His work consistently explores the dialogue of narrative tropes in an image-soaked contemporary environment, addressing issues of privacy, voyeurism, intimacy and beauty.  Read More

  • +Exhibitions


    Woolf Gallery, Battersea UK
    Art Wynwood, Miami K+Y Gallery
    LA Art Show, LA
    K+Y Gallery ArtStage, Singapore
    Mark Hachem/DeMedics Gallery Singapore Shows Artered Gallery

    Art Hamptons Mark Hachem/DeMedics Gallery
    Singapore Shows Artered Gallery
    London, Paris and Toronto Shows Envie d'Art Gallery
    Hong Kong Retrospect Gallery

    London Art, UK, Artered Gallery, NY
    Scope Basel Switzerland, Artered Gallery
    NY Solo Show, Artered Gallery, NY

    Houston Fine Art Fair, Artered Gallery, NY
    X Group Show, Artered Gallery, NY

    Art Chicago, Artered Gallery, Chicago

    Wynwood Miami, Artered Gallery

    2009 Spring Rotterdam, Holland,
    Villa del Arte galleries

    2009 Line art, Gent, Belgium,
    Villa del Arte galleries   

    2008 A
    RTI08 The Hague, Holland

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