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Quek Kiat Sing
LP - African Violet 2

Ink on Paper
69 x 69cm


Beauty is a concept often disfigured in a modern society concentric upon superficial and outward validations; between the hustle and bustle of the daily grind and the outlandish perceptions of grandeur, lost are the faces of humble design, found in the nature that encircles us, or the comforts we build into our surroundings. Simplicity is a lost value that resonates with our spirits, but tallies with a society that that tells us bigger is better. Quek Kiat Sing is an artist who disagrees. Her triumph is not the exaggerated- but the humble; the soft spoken beauty of quiet silhouettes that beget attention for the intrinsic glow of their aesthetics. Quek Kiat Sing revels in the remarkable found within four walls; she revels in the everyday exquisite.

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  • +Artist Bio

    Born in Singapore in 1972, Quet Kiat Sing uses ink as her weapon of revelation, committing every day sights into artistic memory and refurbishing them into poetic expressions of aesthetics. With work spanning subjects such as still life to the understated magnificence of nature’s flora and fauna, the artist has even covered nudes and human movement as celebrations of the complex ethereal beauty present in the most simple of representations. Conceptually, the artist’s work is intricately multifaceted; apart from turning the mundane into a celebration of deserved highlights of beauty, the artist is also a staunch environmentalist, choosing her subjects not only for their understated beauty but for their forgotten relevance in the modern world, where nature is often overlooked in the rush for development. Seeking to speak out to her generation and beyond, the artist instigates an awareness with her works, imprinting onto the viewer’s mind the importance of their overlooked counterparts in the world today.

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  • +Exhibitions

    Within Four Rooms, Jendela, Esplanade, Singapore

    Shift, Plum Blossoms Gallery, Singapore 

    Moodscape Drawings, Gallery Evason, Singapore 

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