Daisy Boman

Desire to Will l
Ceramic, 60 x 18 x 60 cm

USD 3,900

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About the artwork

The process of Daisy Boman's sculpture creation begins with a sketch or a drawing, but the final piece is often far from the original idea. Daisy shapes her diminutive people by hand and then allows the clay to dry in open air; in due time they will be fired in an oven at high temperatures. When they are ready they are selectively mounted on the board, where they suddenly take on lives of their own. Daisy will choose their fate; they will either be placed alone or amidst the chaos of a group or running in the front lines, getting left behind and reaching the edges of the canvas. Daisy says she listens to her little Bo-men, who direct her trains of thought.

About the artist

Having grown up in the Flemish part of Belgium near Antwerp, Daisy Boman’s childhood interest in art eventually led her to enter the Academy of Fine Art, where she studied interior design and photography. She then proceeded to experiment with ceramics, leading to innovative artistic possibilities. Boman created her 'bo-men', as unique figures that climb, interact with each other, fall, crawl and run. Alone, but mostly in numbers, they tell stories about life, human destiny and universal feelings. Having exhibited in Belgium, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, Boman’s works are part of private and public collections within the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and in the United States.

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