Jean Paul


About The Artist

Jean-Paul Donadini was born in Troyes in the year, 1951. His family were immigrants from Italy and they settled down in Paris where he underwent and completes his training in the Fine Arts Schools in Troyes and Nancy in 1976. His works are a refreshing representation of still life – imbuing this age old style of painting with a new sense of playfulness that are sometimes paradoxical and ironic. His style is a collaboration between many artistic endeavour, one that is especially influenced by the eccentric Salvador Dali. Jean-Paul’s works are constantly changing. His oeuvre of works is seen in his versatility, from painted earthenware jars, blow-up paintings, itineraries, stationary brushes, lipsticks on canvas and transport boxes. It is his ingenuity, his academic career, technical qualities, and most of all his sense of humor – both in paintings as well as in real life – that make him a gifted artist of extraordinary and yet exuberant creativity. Maybe it is “The Spirit of Man Ray” – as the painter lives in the Montparnasse studio, the golden years’, giant used to work in. Jean-Paul Donadini is a trailblazer and mastermind for Glamour Art – Glam’art in short.

In one of his series, he uses lipstick to elaborate his paintings – just in the same manner as the popular “red lipstick” does to the lip lines of all the women in this world. The use of lipstick – symbol of the accepted and liberated femininity – the painter comes to the peak of his artistic emancipation somewhere halfway between glamour and pictorial sensuality. The beauty of things in the world, fleeting and fragile, is the inspiration that captures and leads his art and his imagination. The aim is to fool the eye and make it participate for a while to the creation. He participates to numerous individual and collective exhibitions, in France, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, USA, Canada, The Netherlands and Singapore.  



1971-1973: Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts” in Nancy
1974-1976: The Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts” in Paris 


1974: Kunsthalle, Darmstadt, Allemagne
1978: Guilde graphique, Montreal
1979: Seasons galleries, La Haye Galerie husstege-stelmans, Pays bas
1980: Artexpo, New-York
1982: The editors gallery, Munich
1983: Seasons galleries, La Haye
1984: Galerie rickligen, Hanovre
1986: Fiest Paris
1987: Galerie graphik berr, Munich Saga, Grand Palais, Paris
1988: Wakayama, Nagano, Tokyo, Japon
1989: Kimzey Miller Gallery Seattle
1992: Celliers du champagne de Castellane, Epernay
1993: Centre de Présentation du Marais, Paris
1995: Galerie Anne Apesteguy, Deauville
1996: 30eme prix international d'art contemporain de monte carlo
1997: Gallerie Apastreguy, Deauville 2000: Galerie 26, Paris
2001: Quinta galeria, Bogota
2002: Art Miami Art Palm Springs "Autour d'un editeur: Bacon,Balthus, Barthes, Donadini, Etaix, Morel, Sempé" à Montreau.
2003: Galerie du Levant, Porto Vecchio Archimbaud, 20 ans d'édition: Bacon, Balthus, chambas, Kundera à Uzes
2005: Galerie 26 Opera Gallery, Hong-Kong
2006: Galerie 26, Paris
2007: Opera Gallery, Singapour
2008: Galerie 26, Paris
2010: Opera Gallery, "Crazy Colours", Paris
2011: "Pop and Street Art" Château de Pommard
2012: Opera Gallery,"I want to be loved by you...", Paris
2013: Opera Gallery, The many faces of David Bowie, London
2014: Modus Art Gallery, "Scope Art Basel", Paris
2014: Modus Art Gallery, Art Southampton N.Y., Paris
2014: Modus Art Gallery, Istanbul Art Fair, Paris

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