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Rainer Lagemann
Diving JB (CSG_000114)

Stainless Steel
203 x 21 x 41cm


In this piece entitled “Diver," Rainer shows us his ability to build sculptures that rethink the human form as a medium of artistic expression. While revealing a side of the sculpture, he conceals the other as half of the form melts into the wall. The artist includes deliberate empty spaces which give the composition levity - leading to the sculpture appearing as if it is swimming into the walls, in open defiance of the laws of gravity and physics. The diver and its delicately balanced form float effortlessly when suspended; although it possesses human features, it contains a strong spiritual essence.

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  • +Artist Bio

    Born in Dusseldorf, Germany, Rainer Lagemann has lived in San Francisco Bay Area since 1988. Today Lagemann resides in Miami, where he creates modern metal sculptures from small steel squares, welding them into modern interpretations of the human body or abstract variations of contemporary sculptures. Trained as an interior architect, Lagemann arrived to sculpture later in his life, but his unique treatment of material and subject matter earned him immediate international recognition. Rainer’s works have been exhibited around the world, including Canada, Singapore, Europe, and dozens of world-renowned art fairs, and are also part of prestigious private and corporate collections   Read More

  • +Exhibitions

    Selected Solo Exhibitions

    Ode to Art, Singapore 
    Ode to Art, Kuala Lumpur 
    Rukaj Gallery, Toronto 

    Art Works Galleries Richmond VA

    Weam, Miami Beach FL 

    Art Works Galleries Richmond VA

    Selected Group Exhibitions

    Punctum contra Punctum II, Georgian National Museum's National Gallery, Tbilisi 
    Punctum contra Punctum II USA, Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center, Ft. Meyers FL 

    Beck's Emerging Artist Exhibition, Miami 
    Miami International University of Art & Design; Art Center SF: Through the Eyes of Love 

    Red Bull Art of can, South Beach,
    Florida Contemporary 2010, Naples Museum of Art, Naples FL 
    Dayton Visual Arts Center, OH; Future Structure: Andrew Au & Rainer Lagemann 
    The von Liebig Art Center, FL; National Art Encounter 2010
    Miami  International University of Art & Design; Art Center / FL: Through the Eyes of Love
    Miami's Independent Thinkers Art Basel Satellite Fair 
    MIA I Mi Cielo 2010 

    Arlington Public Library, VA 
    ArtUndressed Miami, FL 
    Broward Art Guild, Art Expressions Gallery, Wilton Manors, FL 
    2nd Place, juror: George Gadson
    Heat @ Art Expressions, Fort Lauderdale 
    Oxenberg Fine Art, Miami FL

    Art on Broadway Gallery, Redwood City CA 
    Artisans Center of Virginia 
    Juror: Mark Newport, MFA, Cranbrook Academy of Art 
    Sixth Street Gallery, Vancouver, WA 

    Berkeley Art Center 

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