Jiang Miao

时间逝不去的意念 - No. 3 Timeless Contemplation No.3, 2017
Carving on wood, acrylic on wood , 61 x 50 cm

USD 7,800 – 11,100


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About the artwork

时间逝不去的意念 - No.3 (Unceasing Thoughts No.3) Chinese artist Jiang Miao addresses philosophical perspectives through unique constructions made from carved layers of acrylic paint. Cutting lines are distinctly visible, which represent the constant psychological movements of the mind. This work features a vibrant colour palette with a dazzling array of vivid colours reflective of the dynamism of thoughts we experience, and conveying a thrilling dream-like atmosphere. Yet the background of the work is darkness, in which an end to this landscape is not visible. Through her captivating works, Jiang organically integrates the concrete with the abstract, illustrating the otherworldly states our thoughts can take us too, that are both stimulating and unending.

About the artist

Born in Jilin, China, in 1981, Jiang Miao is a diverse artist specializing in contemporary Woodblock Printmaking. She studied at the Printmaking Department in the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China. There she earned her B.F. A. in 2005 and M.F.A.  in 2009 with a major in Woodblock Printmaking.  An award-winning artist, Jiang Miao expresses her personal experiences as a female artist in Beijing. Jiang Mao prefers this black-and-white woodcut method because of her observation of surrounding people and objects, her deep understanding of the complex and difficult communication problems that arise between self and others, and the use of the cutting lines to match the psychological movements of the mind. Her works were chosen for a joint exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Macau. Widely exhibited, her works have also been shown alongside many renowned Chinese artists such as Xu Baozhong, Xu Bing, Zhou Danmei and Zhuang Hui.

Born in Jilin in 1981 and currently living in Beijing
2005  Graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Printmaking Department and acquired a B.A. Degree
2009  Graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Printmaking Department and acquired a Master's Degree 

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