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Lv YanJun
武妆W13, 2014

Oil on Canvas
130 x 150cm


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  • +Artist Bio

    LV Yanjun received no formal education as he has a hearing impairment and could not write. However, with his positive attitude, he persevered and taught himself the art of painting. This admirable artist is critical of the loss of political discourse in modern Chinese society. The women that LV Yanjun paints strikes the viewer with their flawless appearance of perfect Oriental features and sensual lips. Contained in the images of these women is LV Yanjun's attempt to articulate the desire of the modern Chinese for the superficial and their display of such superficial accumulation. He further emphasizes this through painting these woman in the full uniform of the Cultural Revolution. With Daughters of Dragons, LV Yanjun uses this image to hint at what he believes is a the regression in Chinese society. He creates a contrast between China's current material obsession with the more admirable ideals of the Chinese individual of the past.
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  • +Exhibitions

    Art 10, Beijing, China 
    Shanghai Art Expo, Shanghai, China 
    Time & View, Gehua Cultural & Art Center, Beijing, China
    Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shijiazhuang, China
    Chic Liberation, Beijing, China

    Group Exhibition, Art Show in District A, Song Zhuang, Beijing, China 
    The Show: Under Cap, Solo Exhibition, Beijing, China
    Gehua Opening Exhibition, Gehua Cultural & Art center, Beijing, China
    Art & Fashion, Yintai Plaza, Hangzhou, China

    Group Exhibition, Living in Song Zhuang, Beijing, China

    Group Exhibition, Song Zhuang Art Basel, Beijing, China 

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