Stefan Buana

LP-Vincent Van Gogh, 2014
Acrylic on Canvas, 80 x 70 cm

USD 1,600

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About the artwork

Stefan Buana presents his impression of Van Gogh in this personal portrait. In his artistic practice, he tends to define his figures by carving lines into massive layers of paint. The layers of paint are expressive and textural - embodying our existence and the essence that connects us to the world. Lines, shapes, forms and closed boundaries form an ‘outline’ around our different personas, but this does not prevent us from being a part of the wide expanse that we call our world.

About the artist

Stefan Buana is a rising star amongst Indonesia's emerging artists, marking his way with fascinating paintings and exquisite sculptures that challenge and amuse his collectors and critics. Stefan is known for his constant experimentation with various styles and media and his creation of unique art pieces using non-traditional materials such as torched metal and rough craquelure.

In recent years, Stefan's approach has shifted from abstraction with bold strokes, earthly colors and unusual figures to works that have a more conceptual content that represent his creative ideas and values. Tactile and pleasing to the eye, the paintings of Stefan Buana are deceptively benign. But don't be lulled by the pastel shades and fine lines as "Stefan is making strong social and political statements" says Michael Vatikiotis - former editor of the Far Eastern Economic Review, in his review for Stefan's solo exhibition at Galeri Nasional, Jakarta in 2008.

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