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Min Yiyao

Oil on Canvas
150 x 120cm


The technique that Min Yiyao uses in his works attracts his viewers more than the image itself. They seem to draw on certain elements of fauvism in an attempt to move beyond a mere impressionistic view. Fauvism emphasizes on painterly qualities and strong colour over the representational and realistic values retained by Impressionism. This is even more interesting on portraiture works such as Min's. It is indeed intriguing to see that Min's technique is the primary focus in his works; though his works themselves are indefinitely impressive. However, it questions whether this is a deliberate attempt by the artist to employ a different language of artistic communication. With seemingly wild brushstrokes, he manages to capture light and depth. The random strokes' play on the canvas unwittingly forming an image that thought did not prior define. He limits himself to a palette of colours that are exceedingly dreary, but which consequentially, serves to highlight this exact use.

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  • +Artist Bio

    Born in Xi'an, Shanxi Province and graduating from Xi'an Fine Art Academy. Min Yiyao's figurative works have been featured in major exhibitions in China, with solo and group exhibitions spanning Beijing, Xiamen, Shanghai, Nanjing, Taipei, Belgium, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Singapore. In Min's works, the language of his technique draws the viewer in rather that the image itself. He alludes to fauvist influences and a tinge of surrealism. The artist fascinates the viewer with a reversal of the norms expected of a portraiture piece. 
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  • +Exhibitions

    Taipei International Art Exposition, Taiwan
    Shoreman Art International, Neijing, China

    Art Beijing 2006, Beijing, China    
    "Unreal East", Belgium
    "Dialogue - China" United Kingdom    
    "Deep-In-Space - Contemporary Art", Beijing, China
    "Deep-In-Space", Xiamen, China

    "Irrationality", Contemporary Art Exposition, Xiamen, China

    "Eclecticism", Shanghai, China

    "Images Coordinates", Xi'An, China        
    Rafts of Medusa, Vancouver, Canada

    "Close To You And Me", Xi'An, China        
    "Exchange Sights", Australia

    "Excursion Focus", Xi'An, China

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