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Cui Ming Fei

Oil on Canvas
150 x 150cm

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  • +Artist Bio

    Cui Ming Fei was born in 1982 in Tianjin, China and received his Bachelor of Art degree in 2004. Still in his early 20's, he is already drawing attention from experts in the Chinese art world. He has mastered the varied skills necessary for exceptional figurative painting while incorporating the rough strength of Expressionism. A surprisingly devoted young artist, Cui is continuously working in his studio on new works that show the promising future of a talented painter. Cui's usual theme is female figures, in particular city girls who are almost all young, just like himself. They are part of the"one child" generation in China, and have now turned out to be the most dynamic demographic group in contemporary Chinese society. Cui's message is depicted through the postures of the girls in his "White" series and the gazes of the girls the paintings of black backgrounds. There is always something beneath the surface in Cui's paintings, and the painting itself does not answer "what," "where" or "why," leaving the viewer to decide how the painting speaks to him and what he understands of it.    Read More

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