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Meredith Pardue
CSS-138- Part Twenty of A Rainstorm-ally artra

Mixed Medium
122 x 122cm

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Meredith Pardue expresses herself on the canvas using the abstract language of form, color, and line to create compositions independent from visual references in our world. Departing from reality in depiction of imagery, bearing no trace or any reference to anything recognizable, the artist manages to convey herself in a way that is understandable by the audience. Her compositions communicate messages that can't be translated in worlds but in emotions. Meredith Pardue's paintings convey sensations of serenity, calmness, and even joy. Quiet but not speechless, her creation invites the viewer to challenge their habits of exchanging by words and to look at the art instead to communicate.

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  • +Artist Bio

    Meredith Pardue was born in Monroe, Louisiana in 1975. An abstract artist, Pardue earned her MFA. from Parsons School of Design in New York and a BFA. from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She currently lives and work in Austin, TX. Her work has been exhibited and collected worldwide, published in Architectural Digest, Dwell, New American Paintings and Austin Monthly Home. Her work is included in the corporate collections of J. Crew Corporate Headquarters, Genstar Capital, The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, Oceania Cruise Lines, Scott and White Children's Hospital and the Savannah College of Art and Design. She combines the random action of painting with controlled, deliberate mark-making to describe each form in her work, which often appears plant-like in structure. The canvases are composed of organic forms that are similar to and possibly even derivative of those found in nature. But ultimately, the paintings are a visual record of an unplanned dialogue between herself and a blank canvas. Together, the marks and forms create a visual language that reads as something unique to each viewer.

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  • +Exhibitions

    TBD: Bryant Street Gallery, Palo Alto, CA
    TBD: Laura Rathe Fine Art, Houston, TX

    Terrain: Jean-Marc Fray, Austin, TX
    Intuitions: Meredith Pardue + Andrea Shapiro, KathrynMarkel Fine Art, Bridgehampton, NY
    Native: Ann Connelly Fine Art, Baton Rouge, LA
    Sojourns: Part II: Smink, Dallas, TX
    Sojourns: Part I: Laura Rathe Fine Art, Houston, TX

    Isis: K Imperial Fine Art, San Francisco, CA
    Visible Spectrum: Pryor Fine Art, Atlanta, GA
    Super Flow: Laura Rathe Fine Art, Houston, TX
    Translucent Vision: with Allison Stewart, Jules' Place,Boston, MA

    Revolutions: Jean-Marc Fray, Austin, TX
    Pages: A True Story by Meredith Pardue: Judith CostelloGallery, Hilton Head Island, SC
    Decade: Jean-Marc Fray, Austin, TX

    Unbound: Seven Parts of a Rainstorm, Jean-Marc Fray,Austin, TX
    Rogue Spaces: Ann Connelly Fine Art, Meredith Pardue +David Humphries, Baton Rouge, LA
    Figment: Steven Daluz + Meredith Pardue, Laura RatheFine Art, Houston ,TX
    Sea Change: Bryant Street Gallery, Palo Alto, CA
    All for 1: Lounge Art, Jackson, MS

    LA Lush: Arender Gallery, Monroe, LA

    Fossil Portraits: Jenkins Connelly Gallery, NewOrleans, LA
    Strange Ground: Ann Connelly Fine Art, Baton Rouge, LA

    New Paintings: Ann Connelly Fine Art, Baton Rouge, LA

    Selections from the Blackwater: with Emily WoodingSartor, Brunner Gallery, Covington, LA

    Selections from the Blackwater: Hilton Head, SC

    Generation 3: Hashai Series, Starland Dairy, Savannah,GA
    Reunion: Levee Gallery, Monroe, LA

    Bygone Slips: La Muse, Portland, OR
    barefoot: Alias Gallery, Portland, OR

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