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David Gerstein
Morning Run

100 x 50cm

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  • +Artist Bio

    David Gerstein, born 1944, is an Israeli sculptor. He works with different metals and other materials and is also a painter and illustrator with works that are recognised worldwide. His versatile body of works consist of indoor wall-sculptures formed as multi-layered cutouts, outdoor works, sculptures, paintings, prints, drawings, and designed objects including jewelry, which can be found in museums and galleries, indoor and outdoor public spaces in Israel and around the world. A painter, sculptor, excellent draughtsman and craftsman, David Gerstein seeks to expand the limits of two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional sculptures. In his choice of subject matter, he wishes to break down existing barriers between the work of art and its audience by creating enchanting yet simple straight-forward images. These sometimes render intimate, dream-like scenes while at other times depict cinematic and choreographed reality. His easily recognizable artistic syntax has developed gradually, reflecting a search for a unique voice, which ranges from the local to the universal. His art maintains a conscious interplay between hand-made "original" and "unique" works of art and reproduced works of art; high art versus low art. Gerstein creates colorful and layered images of still-life compositions, urban landscapes and human activity, which always retain local and autobiographical elements. Read More

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