Park Sung Tae

( PEARL ) - One Horse (II)
Aluminium Insect Screening, 80 x 150 cm

USD 16,900

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About the artwork

CSG - 136 ( JZ ) - In this sculpture, Park Sung Tae has shaped his aluminum mesh into the shape of a horse. The horse is shown to be galloping forward and Park was able to very efficiently execute this through the posture of the horse as well as the way its mane and tail were illustrated to be flying with the wind. The silver coloured mesh was placed against a grey background to create an embossed effect, increasing the dramatic effect of this piece of art on its viewers. The strategic positioning of spotlight on the mesh results in a slight shadow at the bottom of the horse, making one think that the horse is galloping under the scorching sun. The mesh also further enhances the body of the horse due to the characteristics of the material, causing the hair coat to showcase a glossy look, similar to a real horse.

About the artist

Born in 1960 in Kwangiu, Korea, Park Sung-Tae graduated witha Masters of Fine Arts from the Graduate School of Seoul National University with a major in Oriental Painting in 1993. Since then, he has gone on to win many prestigious awards and has also exhibited extensively in Korea including an exhibition at the Ilmin Museum of Art. He recently began exhibiting internationally. In Park's work, shapes of people and animals made from aluminium mesh are both real and suggestive of the virtual, of the cloned being. Through their projected shadows, they reveal an existence in space that is real and unreal. The artist's work, however, doesn't project this precarious and tragic view by looking at the future as a dystopia triggered by modern science. That Park Sung-Tae would try to "draw space" with light in spite of his difficult subject is proof of his hope for a future bathed not in darkness, but in brightness.

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