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Yu Loon Ching
Mangrove, 2016

Ink on Paper
102 x 61cm


Yu draws influence from the impressionism and pointillism art movements, re-creating a new essence in them with his exceptional style. The scenes depicted by Yu are largely impressionistic, capturing the essence of the natural environment in an unprejudiced ambience. He borrows the use skewed perspectives from impressionist to impose a sense of unfamiliarity, drawing attention to the subjects that calls for our consideration. The significance of pointillism is most obvious in the rendering of Yu’s subject, as he embraces the traditional approach with new techniques and medium. Yu fully expands the capabilities of pointillism, seen in the masterful succession in creating a landscape with fine tones of shades and details, reinvigorating the its spirit.

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  • +Artist Bio

    Born in Sarawak, Yu is a self-taught second-generation artist who moved to Singapore in 1966.But he started to paint seriously here only after winning a silver award with his painting, Six Faithful Dogs, under the Emerging Artist Category in the UOB Painting of the Year competition two years ago.Yu was active in the Sarawak art scene in the 1950s when he was secretary of the Kuching Art Club, before coming to work here 60 years ago as assistant director with the then Singapore Tourist Promotion Board. Read More

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