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  • +Artist Bio

    To invoke the senses, to probe sensibilities, to encapsulate the nature of man - Park Tae Dong endeavors to bring to life the cherished recesses of human desire. Inspired by the transition of a stone into a representation of pricelessness, the artist brings forth his muse as a symbol of all that is precious - of the journey and will of man; he brings to us, the timeless gemstone. Born in 1961 in Seoul, Korea, Park Tae Dong completed his Bachelor in Fine Art in 1988, and his Masters in Fine Art in 1991 from Seoul National University. Representative of the human spirit and all that it holds dear, Park Tae Dong’s unusual subjects add instant elegance and a primitive awe to their surroundings. Having gathered much acclaim, the artist’s works have been widely exhibited and are part of many prestigious collections - both private and public.
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  • +Exhibitions

    2012 - 2011 
    'Goldy Garden', Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Art Center, ISF Sculpture Festa

    'Gemstone'-Drawings & Sculpture, Jong-ro Gallery, Seoul

    'The Scene', Noam Gallery, Seoul

    'Soaring Thought', JuYong Gallery, Seoul

    'Talk to Iron', SeYon Museum of IRON, Choongbook, Korea

    'A Journey', THO Art Space, Seoul

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