Oel Gustian Ernst

LP Football Euphoria #2
USD 1,400.002010
Lp Oel Gustian Sailor Women
USD 1,600.00
Lp Football Euphoria #2
USD 1,400.002010

About The Artist

Born in 1973 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Oel Gustian paints abstract portraiture and scenes from day-to-day life in Indonesia. With a versatile palette ranging from strong emotive colours to the vibrant energy that embodies the raw nature of Indonesia artists, his works often carry strong political and social messages. His representative portraits often communicate full bodied personalities with simple facial gestures, using almost child-like strokes in unity with a complex melding of hues to create striking imagery that captivates the eye and speaks directly to the viewer's intellectual sensibilities. 



Artjog14, Taman Budaya in Yogyakarta, Indonesia                       
Bakaba#3, Jogja Galery in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Anderrock, Asdrafi Art Space in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
4x6/6x4 Postcard Exhibit!, Colorado Mesa University Art Department in USA
Realita Ke-3, Taman Budaya Padang, Indonesia
Exhibition Group "Suka Pari Suka," Museum Affandi, in Yogyakarta , Indonesia