Zhang Jian Long

Mr. Mermaid (人鱼先生)
Bronze, 57 x 25.5 x 34 cm

USD 6,900

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About the artwork

CSS 104 Jl Mermaids could be real or figments of the imagination and their existence is shrouded in mythicism. Zhang Jian Long uses the mermaid as a valuable and precious depiction of untouched and natural phenomenons. This concept of purity and simplicity is no longer present in society today. The expression on the mermaid's face reflects contempt for the present state where individuals are plied down with work and responsibilities.

About the artist

In 1982, Zhang Jian Long was born in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, and graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Nanyang Normal University, Henan Province, in 2004. His graduation art piece was published in the 2003 Annual Works of China Fine Arts Academies and he has since exhibited extensively in China. Zhang's paintings attempt to look through a child’s eyes, depicting an ideal world of innocence and joy. Free from the confines of modern society, Zhang's works show us the human spirit's full, unbridled potential while also shedding light on the constraints of modern society and 'adult' life.

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