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Art to Love: A Valentines’ Day Guide

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, this valentine’s day show your loved one how much you care through the gift of art.

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By Mae
An artwork is a creative and personal gift that can last a lifetime. Express how you feel toward your special someone with our selection, in which each piece holds a different depth of meaning and sentiment. From budding romance to long-lasting marriages, you are sure to find the right artwork! 

Coplu, Generosity and nature of love is nourishing our spirits, Acrylic on Canvas, 122 x 92cm. 

“Love is the flower that you have got to let grow…”

Representing a new beginning and hope for the future, flowers can elegantly communicate one’s love and care for your partner in a sweet delightful manner. Let your love blossom and grow with the most romantic git: a bouquet! 

Velia Newman, Beloved Forever, Oil on Canvas, 152 x 152cm.

Aptly titled “Beloved Forever”, this beautiful floral art piece by Velia Newman presents an array of brightly-coloured flowers in full blossom. More than just a beautiful addition to your wall, this painting represents a lasting joy and anticipation for the future days with your loved one. 

Similarly, Coplu uses flowers to express a simple and clear message of love. Expressing the pure joy and sentiment about being with a loved one, Coplu paints a whimsical and romantic painting of love growing between a family. While separated, the family continues to be remain connected and surrounded by love. Showing the delicate nature of the family embarked on a journey, Coplu seeks to remind us to treasure the precious moments with our loved ones. 

Coplu, Family is delicately formed same like bird nests, Acrylic on Canvas, 100 x 76cm.


“I love the way you make me laugh like no one else…” 

Brighten up your loved one’s day with amusing art pieces that will bring a smile to their face. These fascinating pieces capture iconic and unique elements that can show your special someone how much you appreciate their sense of humour. 

These avant-garde art pieces by Patrick Rubinstein are uniquely compiled with beloved elements from popular culture to spell the famous LOVE icon by Robert Indiana. If your partner is a fa of pop art, this is the perfect gift to show off just how much you know about them.

Patrick Rubinstein, I love Paris (Red), 51 x 51cm. 

What better to say “I love you” than an adorable love cupid sculpture that will stay with your S.O. forever? Adorning a cute pout, this cupid sculpture can not only uplift your loved one’s spirit but also represent the fun and adorable moments shared between the two of you! At the same time, remind your significant other to shower you with attention and care, or else, you may also adorably pout at them!

Qu Guangci, T
he Angelest Qian - Red Candy Floss 最天使乾(丝绒红), Fibreglass Candy Floss, 18.5 x 24.5 x 9.5cm.

“All I need is you right here…”

Be it taking a stroll in the park or enjoying a lovely day out together in the sea, there is nothing like spending time together to build intimacy and companionship. These paintings capture the small and meaningful joys in everyday life that are shared with your loved one.

Eva Armisen, Juntos (Together), Oil on Canvas, 54 x 73 cm.

E Langreiter, One Perfect Day, Mixed Medium on Canvas, 31 x31 cm. 

These bright and heart-warming paintings will bring joy to your loved one and show how much you treasure doing the small things in life with them. A sweet reminder for the happy shared moments, this meaningful gift can also be a source of comfort for both of you during difficult times.

Alternatively, this bronze sculpture by Adi Gunawan titled ‘Lean my heart on” shows a voluptuous couple leaning on each other for support. Let your partner know that you will always be there for them…how romantic! 

Adi Gunawan, 
Sandaran Hati (Lean My Heart On), 55 x 35 x 47 cm.

“With you, everyday feels like a fairytale…”

Known for turning his canvases into a whimsical and magical fairytale world, Christian Pendelio’s dreamy paintings take us on a fantastical and romantic voyage. Using bright and vibrant colours to create a sweet and romantic landscape, this painting artfully expresses the tenderness between the couple as they ride off together into the city of love.  

Christian Pendelio, Love Ballad in A Pink Paris, Oil on Canvas, 120 x 120 cm.

Embark on another dreamy fairytale piece would be this piece by  Wu Qiong. 

Wu Qiong, The Dense Forests, Silksceen Print, 55 x 77cm.

With rosy cheeks, closed eyes and upturned faces that hold an innocent expression, Wu Qiong creates a carefree and jovial fairytale world between the couple. In this rosy and tranquil vast landscape, his art pieces show your loved one simply how being together feels like living a fairytale. 

This valentines day, gift your loved one an unforgettable and meaningful piece of art!

Interested in seeing more? Discover an even wider selection of delightful art pieces curated for Valentine's day! Or visit our gallery in Raffles City to view them in person. 

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