highLIGHT of the city?

Written by Daphne Tan | Posted 24 Mar 2017

Lighting up the city with sustainable materials…

i Light at Marina Bay Waterfront has been an annual event that has taken place since 2010 and it is a platform that highlights the spectacular installations of sustainable light art. It has attracted more than half a million visitors in the past and with crowds that scurry in to enjoy the astonishing view every night, it will be of no surprise that this year’s event will be the biggest yet.

Having the chance to experience it first hand, I must say the stunning light installations have indeed given Singapore’s skyline a renewed image. Besides looking aesthetically beautiful, the light installations are required to be made up of materials that are biodegradable and recycled in hopes of heeding the subject of sustainability in our Green City. Embarking on its fifth year in Asia as a leading sustainable light art festival, i Light will definitely make a perfect night out for families and friends to appreciate the night view of Singapore’s beautiful skyline. As it is only taking place for a limited time only from the 3rd to 26th March 2017, hurry grab your cameras and friends and head down before the event concludes! Hop on the bandwagon before it is too late!

Being in awe of the installations I got to see in an evening, I must then share with you some highlights of i Light Marina Bay Waterfront that will doubtlessly brighten up your evening!

1.    Home by Anna Galas, Maciej Slominski and Aleksander Sawicki

This easily recognizable light installation has created many picturesque moments. Shaped like a child’s image of a home, its illuminating light wires stands out to catch our attention from afar. While enjoying the view in the midst of the night, the sight of this light installation cannot help but made us be wowed by it while reminiscing our childhood days!

you lookin at megif

2.    You Lookin’ At Me? by Tropism Art and Science Collective, The Netherlands

At first glance, these moving singular pupils that spread across the grass patch may seem horrifying to you. Brave souls will inch forward to give it a closer look as the different coloured irises will sense your presence and attempt to give you chills down your spine. This amusing installation is part of a collective effort done by Dutch artists of different fortes that gave a different paradigm to unnoticeable happenings everyday, like the movement of irises. This piece is intriguing and different. Believe me, you will want to look at it, eye to eye.

(photo credit: @tangenghui)

3.   Moonflower by Yun, Singapore

Moonflower is a field filled with illuminated flowers that are powered by its own solar powered LED that are so eye-catching and beautiful that you will definitely be wonderstruck! Behind this installation is an artist with a heart that is all out to make our environment more sustainable. During its display, each individual moonflower is up for adoption by the public costing SGD5 + each and all proceeds will go to the Garden City Fund, a charity that runs sustainable projects in Singapore. Sadly, they have all been adopted! Be sure to look out for them after i Light to see if you can spot them being displayed around, except now individually!

(photo credit: @azfar89)

4.    Northern Lights by Aleksandra Stratimirovic, Sweden

As the title of the installation suggests, Northern Lights is an installation inspired by the Aurora phenomenon which happens in the high latitudes near the Arctic and Antarctic regions. The playful light lines take turn to light up and dim, attempting to mimic that spectacular phenomenon with man-made light lines that are equipped with energy-saving LED sources. This installation might just bring you closer to experiencing the northern lights first hand. If you agree that this installation is stunning, then this is merely a heads up for those who desperately desire to catch it in real life! Besides, the installation is located along the Singapore River, it provides an amazing backdrop for photos and boomerangs to be taken!

(photo credit: @yolo_shan)

5. Horizontal Interference by Katarzyna Malejka & Joachim Slugocki, Poland

Located at the Mist Walk, the colourful light bands create a stunning view of red, green, yellow and blue. As the coloured bands move in the rhythm of the wind, it creates a blurry stretch of coloured bands. It is a piece that truly reflects the fast-paced society we live in. The simple yet spectacular installation conveys a compelling message. Despite that, it makes a photo-worthy backdrop for a silhouette shot in the night!

Reached the end of the article and just cannot get enough of it? Here's a quick summary of the happenings of i Light in a short video! 

Certainly, the influence of pop culture in this year’s i Light event is very apparent and it is comforting to see the emergence of Singapore’s art scene as events like i Light continue to attract more people and continue to give many more artists a platform to showcase their works. The value of art cannot be belittled and perhaps we can start looking forward to more of such events to allow ourselves to be amazed yet again.