Masters of Ink

The nature of Ink painting can be compared to a symphony. The styles and traditions date back centuries before, yet have formed themes that continue to blend to this day into a single piece of music. Painters through the ages have made up this “orchestra,” composing and performing many movements and variations within this tradition. With the artistic discipline derived from calligraphy, the aim of the traditional ink painter was to capture not only the outer appearance of a subject but its inner essence as well—its energy, life force, spirit.

Ink painting has been an integral part of Asian cultures for thousands of years, but within the last few decades, contemporary artists have begun to innovate and elevate the style beyond its traditional origins. This collection feature works by four masters of ink; Lim Tze Peng, Hong Zhu An, Lee Jung Woong and Qin Feng, whose striking paintings incorporate contemporary concepts and renew this long-standing genre, contributing to the grand symphony with the splendour of their paintings. 




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