Voluptuous in Vogue - The Works of Fernando Botero

Using his images as his language of expression, Botero is a narrator. He is a teller of fables, with his power lying in the depiction of the sedentary. Notions of wisdom are wrapped in subtleties of irony and, at times, scathing commentary. Turning traditional concepts on their head and shifting viewpoints from societal stereotypes to unassuming endearment, the forms of Botero are champions of the unspoken and unseen. They are expressive and grandiose, creators of their own standards of beauty.

Ode to Art is proud to display a glimpse into the jolly, rotund world of  the great Fernando Botero. A wide array of sketches, paintings and sculptures are testament to the prowess, versatility and creative ingenuity of this landmark artist.





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