Deng Cheng Wen

Lost Youth (迷失青春)
Oil on Canvas, 160 x 120 cm

USD 17,500

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About the artwork

As a hyperrealistic painter, Deng Cheng Wen creates images of striking detail that recreate representation to its highest form. Considering this, the artist also uses this as a conceptual element, further exhibiting his characters in their symbolic identity as the young generation. In 'Lost Youth', we see the artist clearly identify to us that the young woman at the head of the line is from the young generation of China he showcases in his art. However, behind her is a more ambiguous figure, leaving the interpretation open as to whether this is a mother, friend, or teacher. Whatever the connection is, the covered eyes of both women speak volumes to the concept that 'Blindness' may not always be an individual phenomenon, but perhaps a product of the society we live in.

About the artist

In 1981, Deng Cheng Wen was born in Guangdong Province, China. He graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in 2006 and his works have been exhibited worldwide in places such as Hong Kong, Beijing and Miami. Deng Cheng Wen's "Blind Walking" series captures the collective ambition, ignorance and emotional flurry within the young Chinese of his generation. His works adopt a concept-based approach in order to seek a depth and complexity, at a level that causes some of its viewers to recognize personal truths while standing before the art. 

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