Renacer - To be Reborn
Bronze, 70h x 80 x 150 cm



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About the artwork

In this sculpture titled "To Be Reborn", Jimenez Deredia portrays a woman crouching in a foetal position and hiding the sphere under her arms. Jimenez uses the sphere to symbolize the circle of life. The woman appears to be protecting her offspring, looking into the far distance to look out for any potential danger coming upon her young. Jimenez uses this sculpture to display a woman's innate motherly instincts. He makes use of black marble to sculpt this piece, once again employing his skills to produce beautiful and seamless contours in the sculpture, emphasizing on the continuous evolution of life.

About the artist

JimĂ©nez graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara and, between 1980 and 1986, he attended the Faculty of Architecture at Florence University. The intellectual stimulations of those years profoundly changed his approach to his artistic work and, immersed in the Florentine climate, he extended his interest in the Renaissance period. The intellectual fervor of that time pushed him to reflect extensively on the development of his own work. The perception of a globalised dimension of 'being' and the universe, forming the basis of his vision of life, developed and deepened thanks to a conscious return to the cultural origins of his own country. In his work, he started to reflect the extraordinary creative influence received by observing the monumental granite spheres, produced by the pre-Columbian civilization of the Borucas. Those artifacts of mysterious primordial strength moved the sculptor towards studies as much of shape and material used, as of function and symbology derived from the sphere and circle.

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