Nadim Karam

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About the artwork

The artist, who was born in Senegal but has been living in his native Lebanon since the 1990s, has spent most of his artistic career creating a bizarre visual lexicon. His characters are both human and animal and have exaggerated body parts.

About the artist

Lebanese artist and architect Nadim Karam’s multi-disciplinary approach incorporates painting, drawing, sculpture and writing. Fusing various cultural influences, Karam’s works transcend social, political and national borders, forming a unique pictorial language replete with recurring symbols and with original characters and narratives. They form an alphabet of sorts, in what is an ongoing, sometimes absurdist, exploration of the creative power of dreams. Renowned for his public art and work in urban regeneration, Karam was recently lauded for his architectural plan, The Cloud, which made international headlines for its revolutionary ideas on how to reconfigure public space amidst Dubai’s growing cityscape. 

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